The Last Of Us : Working Together

I do not Own the Last of us.
When the worst thing that could happen to them happens, Joel is forced to take care of them both. Could the duo possibly get in a worse situation?
Set in the gap after pittsburgh, Spoilers inside.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter five


Joel slowly stepped into the house, Allowing the wood to slowly groan under his weight. Joel swept his gun around what appeared to be a living room quickly, seeing nothing of any threat apart from a rugged sofa shredded across the floor in a hurry. Joel carried on through the room till he reached the kitchen. Sweeping his gun yet again around the room he found nothing.


Downstairs was clear.


Joel moved back into the musty hallway and started to move up the stairs. The stairs seemed to snake up the wall as if they had been forced to stick to the wall when everything around them fell apart. Joel made sure his back was against the wall, maximising the view of the upstairs. He made sure to balance his weight so that the stairs wouldn't groan, which would alert any enemies. As Joel was looking down the top of his shotgun he didn't see the faulty wooden step...


A loud clatter echoed as a wooden step fell to the bottom floor.


Joel froze. 


A loud moan and hiss was heard from the bedroom. Joel knew that noise all too well... 


A runner was in the bedroom. 


Joel wasted no time in rushing up to attack the runner head on. Joel saw his target and shot him straight in the head, Silencing the zombie before it even had a chance to attack. Joel was running out of time, So he quickly sweeped the area, Deaming it safe. Joel put his gun away and threw back the covers on one of the beds left in the kids room. He made sure it was safe before leaving both of the backpacks on the ground and running down the stairs to get Ellie.


Joel finally got back outside and was greeted with the sight of Ellie's blood slowly dying the wood a deep red, Her face even paler than before. Joel put his hands under her legs and back and slowly lifted her up yet again. He noticed that her breathing seemed shallow and she was still unconcious. Joel once again had to stop the panic spreading across his body as he adjusted her so her head was against the left side of his chest, Her legs draped across his right arm. The door had shut slightly so he kicked it open with a bit more force than was probably neccesary, and started his way up the stairs slowly.


When he reached the top of the stairs he made sure that the doors downstairs were shut and made his way into the bedroom he had set up for her. He walked into the pink room that had seen better days, setting her down on the bed. Joel moved back to the door, shutting it before getting a much better look at Ellie. Her skin seemed so pale that it was almost translucent. She looked impossibly thin. 


Joel braced himself for what he was about to do and witness before he moved to Ellie's side to start healing her wounds.

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