Am I Punk Rock Yet?

Caitlin a 18 year old girl from western Sydney meets a mysterious boy with hot pink hair, tattoos and piercings she's intrigued from first look but is there something hidden behind this mystery guy or is he her one true love.


2. look at us now

It had been two years since I had met Michael at the pierce the veil concert and over time we got closer and closer and now we are the best of friends, but secretly I wanted to tell him how much I loved him.

His hair although it was a different colour each month was always the best colour for him. it's like he was born to have different coloured hair all the time!

Caitlin's Pov

"Luke stop teasing Michael"

Luke let out a cheeky chuckle, "Sorry catie". (That was my nickname)

"No Ash I can't play ponies with you"

"Ifs orrigt pray later", ash mumbled with his mouth full of cookies.


I screeched.

"Why do you like what you see", Calum winked.

"Oi Cal, put some clothes on your scaring the poor girl", Michael yelled.

This was normal. Calum like to be naked, Luke was always teasing someone and ash was a huge pain in the ass and Michael never stopped dyeing his hair. You would never believe they were in one of the most famous pop-punk bands of 2014, '5 seconds of summer'.

"Michael I need a break... Come dye my hair", I said in an exhausted voice.

"Sure what colour?" He replied

"Surprise me", I grinned cheekily.

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