Am I Punk Rock Yet?

Caitlin a 18 year old girl from western Sydney meets a mysterious boy with hot pink hair, tattoos and piercings she's intrigued from first look but is there something hidden behind this mystery guy or is he her one true love.


3. dying my hair :)

I didn't open my eyes the whole time and when I opens my eyes I freaked.

"pink an purple! You know me to well!"

"Haha I'm happy you like it..."

"Oh my god Michael you dyed your hair the same colours", I smiled he's too cute.

"I thought you wouldn't mind"

"Not at all it's cute like a couples thing"

"That's the thing... I was wondering..."

Oh god I think he's going to ask me out...

"Catie I was wondering would you be my girlfriend? We met at the PTV concert and ever since I have been wanting to ask you if you would be my girlfriend."

"Yes! Michael I have been wanting to ask you but I thought if you said no it would ruin our friendship."

"Phew I feel better now that I've asked you"

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