New movella


1. Intro :) : just a little about me.

Hey guys! So I'm actually new to this app and I'm kinda new to making fan fiction so excuse me if this "Movella" sucks lol

This will have cussing and possibly some sexual content so if you're not comfortable with any of that, then please do not complain about it or read this :)

Alright so Melanie is played by Lucy Hale

(I will add characters along the way)

Calum and the boys are obviously played by themselves. So if you'd like to know, my name is Yulisa :) I am a 14 year old (and yes I do realize I said this would have sexual content. I never said I wasn't a dirty minded youngling.

I'm a Michael girl I can't help it) I live in Maryland and I am actually learning the guitar :) I've only learned one easy song as hell which is Smoke on the water (which I love that song) my music taste includes rock, indie rock, metal (or screamo as some call it), pop, punk, basically every genre except jazz and classical.

I am homeschooled so. I have much time on my hands when I'm done with school work (story of my life) I think I've babbled on long enough. Let's get to the story now :)

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