Kenna and Izzy are in a bit of trouble. After Louis was hijacked, they are forced to live a life on the run. With their few new friends, will they make it?


1. Chapter 1

Kenna's P.O.V

Izzy,"Louis, why are you doing this? You don't have too!"

Louis," I know what I'm doing!"

Zayn," What are you doing, mate? Look! You're hurting everyone. Please stop,"


There was a crash coming from the left wall, Harry had finally came to rescue us..

That was 3 weeks ago. Now we are running, running from it seems no one. Endlessly. Zayn is at the wheel, staring blankly at the dirt road ahead. Harry, in the back behind me, playing with his fingers and a hair binder. Izzy is trying to keep her deep blue eyes from her diary she had been writing a lot lately. I cant blame her, a lot has happened. Me, I'm trying the read this stupid map. My thick black hair is constantly in my face, making it hard to concentrate. We don't even know where we are to begin with. Zayn insisted we try.

"Take a right, i think." I said

We swerve to the right, and park in the lot of an old run down building.

" I guess we are staying here." Zayn said a little disappointed.

" Gee, lucky us." Harry said sarcastically.

"Be happy we don't have to sleep in the car again. My back couldn't take anymore of it." I said.

"Your back? My stomach needs attention! I'm starving!" Said Izzy.

"Lucky you. This used to be my uncles house, he might have something to eat in there." Zayn said as he opened the creaky door.

"I hope he's got a bathroom, too." I said. Wouldn't you have to go after a 6 hour drive through no where? As Zayn opened the door, there was a figure standing in the darkness. Izzy turned on the light to reveal..

Hope you all liked the chapter!! Guess who it is? Let's go for 10 likes for chapter 2 :D

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