The Twists and Turns of Growing Up

Teenage life in Kingsbury is slightly less than satisfactory. High school isn't as glamorous as the movies, kids. The desks are old, the teachers are grouchy and the bathrooms, please don't bring up the bathrooms! Alexandria Lane has recently gotten an arrogant, blue-haired step-sister, a fuzzy bunny rabbit, (to which she has donned Geoffry) and possibly a new love?! Buckle up, high school is full of unexpected speed bumps! Ride along as several teens explore friendship, sexuality, and the limits of trust.
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2. Chapter Two

Alexa's P.O.V.

"Alexa! Get up, now!" My sister yelled from the bathroom. 

I rolled over and fell onto my floor. I moaned from pain and exhaustion; I was never going to get used to the transfer from summer to school.

"A!" She shouted again.

To my surprise, she barged into my room. Half of her hair was curled and she was waving her phone around like a madman.

"We need to leave soon," she stretched every word as if to strain its importance, "it's seven-twenty-three!"

"Chill, Till." I said, pulling myself off the floor.

"I will not let you ruin my Junior year!" She said before storming back into the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes; she was always so dramatic. I went over to feed my rabbit before getting dressed.

"Good morning, Geoffry!" I chimed.

He looked up at me and wiggled his nose. I laughed and opened the latch to pour a scoop of his food into his little bowl. 

I got Geoffry when I got Matilda (Till). One day, during the summer before Freshman year, my mother came home with a rabbit and a ring. I didn't even get a choice; everything went so fast and we moved into their house within a month.


"Why do you always have to be such a pain, Alexa?" Till asked as she pulled into a spot in the second lot.

I looked at her and collected my thoughts; was she really doing this?

"Why do you always have to be such a bitchy drama queen?" I returned.

She scoffed and practically ran away from the car.

I got out and ade sure to slam her door as hard as I could. It was barely eight a.m. and she was acting like this.

"A!" I heard someone yell from behind me. 

I spun around in surprised anger. My eyes darted around and my scowl soon turned into a laugh. 

"Tony!" I squealed.

"Babe!" He joked.

I jumped into his arms as he started to laugh, too.

"God, I missed you, A!" He breathed.

"I know..."

Tony was my best friend, and I literally couldn't see myself living without him in my life. He was my rock and he knew how I felt before I even knew.

"So, how was your summer with Till?" He asked, wrapping one of his arms around me.

 "Ha!" I nearly shouted, "She's the Queen of 'Hurry Up!', she was forced to drag me along to every party she wanted to go to." I complained, "Hurry up? She's the one who checks herself in the mirror every two seconds!"

"Sounds grueling!" Tony mocked.

"Shut up! It was!" I smacked his cheek lightly, "What about you?"

"Oh, you know..."

"Lexie! Tony!"

A girl wearing a blue denim dress came rollerblading towards us. She had deep purple hair and was on the taller side. This was Marcy. I had know her since Freshman year and she loved being quirky and different in some sort of way.

"Hey, Marcy!" I said .

She screeched to a stop, almost falling on us.

"Where's Trav?" Tony asked.

"In the office," Marcy explained, "he was skating around when the security got here."

"Of course." I laughed.

Travis, Marcy's boyfriend, loved being reckless and seeing how far he could take something before he got into serious trouble.


It was fifth period and I was staring at the clock to avoid falling asleep. English was the most boring class and Mrs. Fitzpatrick made it even more unbearable with her nasaly voice.

"... and we will finish off the year with Shakespeares Twelfth Night..." 

I sighed and placed my head on the desk. I couldn't believe I was stuck here for almost seven hours.

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