The Twists and Turns of Growing Up

Teenage life in Kingsbury is slightly less than satisfactory. High school isn't as glamorous as the movies, kids. The desks are old, the teachers are grouchy and the bathrooms, please don't bring up the bathrooms! Alexandria Lane has recently gotten an arrogant, blue-haired step-sister, a fuzzy bunny rabbit, (to which she has donned Geoffry) and possibly a new love?! Buckle up, high school is full of unexpected speed bumps! Ride along as several teens explore friendship, sexuality, and the limits of trust.
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3. Chapter Three

Matilda's P.O.V.

I tried walking as far away as I could from Alexa. I heard an obnoxiously loud slam and I cringed for a second.

She irritated me to my core. What was her problem?! She never acted like she liked me and didn't care showing it.

I tried to ignore her and practically ran to the coffee shop across the street. 


"Sixteen-ounce caramel macchiato, please." I ordered.


I looked around the shop to see who was talking to me.

I saw my friend, Talia, at the pick up area.

"Hey!" I said.

Talia had dyed her hair a softish bright pink last summer, and has kept it since.

I went over to hug her, and she almost spilled her drink (on me) from excitement. She was always naturally hyper and fairly happy.

"I missed you, Talia. How was you summer?"  I asked.

"Ohmigosh!" She squealed, "Carter took me to his family's lake house, all the way in Michigan! I was gorgeous, Tilly!"

"Sounds amazing!" I commented.

"It was!" She gushed.

Carter's family was on the rich side and he loved spoiling Talia. It was cute, but got a little gross and irritating after she would go on for days.


It was lunch hour and I was so happy to have a much needed break from all the stress of Junior year, even though it was the first day.

I had already taken two tests and been given two assignments.

The sun decided to come out so Talia, Carter, and I ate outside.

At the moment Carter was whispering in Talia's ear whilst she giggled. I rolled my eyes and picked at my salad. There weren't that many people at school, which was weird since it was the first day and all.

I looked around and saw two squirrells dancing up a tree. They looked as if they were fighting but also, they kind of seemed happy. It was weird, but I watched for a while as they darted from tree to tree.

Someone plopped down next to me and pulled my attention from the squirells back to the table. I saw a boy with longer than average black hair, holding a cupcake. He had a smirk across his face, as if to say "Looking for me?".

"Derek!" I squealed.

He set the cupcake on the table and pulled me in for a hug. I pulled away enough for our noses to touch.

"I missed you." I said.

"I missed you more, Babe." He said.

I bit my lip and he smirked again. He stroked my cheek with his thumb and went in to kiss me. 

Derek went to London for the summer to visit his brother and nephew. We had talked twice a week, but it was different than talking in person.

He still smelled a little like Europe and the ocean.

We split for air and we looked at me with a certain look I had seen way too often.

"What?" I asked, "What?!"

He stared at me for a second, "I know school just started and its crazy stressful, so I was wondering if you would go to the 'I Hate School' Back to School party this weekend?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Of course..." I thought.

"Okay," I said.

"Yes!" He cheered and kissed me again.

"If you pick me up later than seven I won't speak to you at the party." I warned.

"Okay, six-thirty then!" 

I laughed. He was such a dork, but he was hot and he was mine.

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