The Twists and Turns of Growing Up

Teenage life in Kingsbury is slightly less than satisfactory. High school isn't as glamorous as the movies, kids. The desks are old, the teachers are grouchy and the bathrooms, please don't bring up the bathrooms! Alexandria Lane has recently gotten an arrogant, blue-haired step-sister, a fuzzy bunny rabbit, (to which she has donned Geoffry) and possibly a new love?! Buckle up, high school is full of unexpected speed bumps! Ride along as several teens explore friendship, sexuality, and the limits of trust.
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6. Chapter Six

Alexa's P.O.V.

The sweet sound of the seventh period bell rang and I was the first to dart out the door.

My last class was closer to the parking lots than Till's and I planned on using that to my advantage. Everybody knew about the back to school party and I needed some help to convince Till of going (or at least take me), since I couldn't drive for several more months.


Tony (;

hey :p

sup A? :)

ihsbtsp? Till :(( help?

of course :) hang tight k?

kk :)


I raced over to Till's car once I sent the last message. I hopped up onto the hood and scooted towards the windshield. I tapped my fingers in impatience while I watched people leave the lot. I really hoped whatever Tony had planned would work.

I saw a blue flash come around from behind the library. I squinted to see if it was Till; and of course, it was. Behind her were red and pink-haired girls; Samantha and Talia. I knew Till had heard about the party by now, but I never expected her to bring backup to prevent me from my plan.

This meant war.

I tapped my fingers a little quicker, trying to think of something.

I felt hands slip over my eyes and I screamed in suprise. I karate-chopped my hands around until I heard the mystery person say something.

"Geez! It's just me, Alexa! Cease fire!"

They pulled their hands off my face, and I spun my upper-half around to see Tony with his hands in surrender.

"Tony!" I squealed.

I grabbed him into a hug, but my reaction changed quickly. I pulled away and smacked his chest.

"Took you long enough!" I scolded.

"Sorry! I had to slip out of detention." He explained.

"It's the first day! You got detention, already?!"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Teachers are at a whole new level of suck-ass this year."

I laughed and shook my head, "Okay then, but what are we go in to do? Til has recruitments." 

I pointed towards the library, where she was continually getting closer.

"Trust me?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Your sister is easy to beat,"

He grabbed my waist and pulled me to the edge of the car. My heart sped up.

"What is he doing?!" I thought.

"Tony," I said.


Before I knew it, his lips were on mine and my hands clutched the hair on the back of his head. It felt extremely weird but slightly enjoyable. I was unsure of how this would help and what his plan was.

It felt like several minutes before someone interrupted our make-out session.

"Alright, nasties, get off!" Samantha demanded.

I was about to pull away when Tony pushed the small of my back with his thumb. I tugged on his hair a little, trying to ask him why. He slid his tongue across my lips and then pulled away.

I pushed my hair out of my face and looked up at him. He winked and then turned to the group of girls.

"I don't bug you during your time of pleasure, so what's your problem? Jealous?" He said.

Samantha's face went slightly pink, "I-I have a boyfriend!" 

"Get off my car, Alexa." Till said simply.

I followed Tony's lead, "Why? So you can visit that douchebag, Derek?" I poked.

Her face squirmed into angered disgust.

"No, and he is not a douche!" She demanded.

I rolled my eyes, "Of course he isn't."

"Why can't you find somewhere else to have your personal life?"

"Is there a problem with me enjoying my life on your car?" I questioned.

"You want something don't you?" 

"Your gonna drive her to the party tonight." Tony announced.

Till laughed, "Why don't you drive her?"

"I'm younger than her! She can't drive, I can't, duh."

"So how are you getting there?" She asked.

"Why do you care? I'll find a ride."

"Why should I drive you?" Till turned to me.

"Because I can tell my mom that you're going without me and you'll be grounded for the whole semester." I chimed.

She rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Just get off my car twerp!"


I hopped off and Tony wrapped his arm around my waist. I looked up at him for a second. He winked and I remembered to stay in character.

"Be ready by seven or you're not going." Till said before driving off.

I squealed and jumped into Tony's arms. I kissed him without thinking and quickly pulled away. 

"Umm, t-thanks Tony..." I mumbled looking at the ground.

I still felt awkward, even though it was just pretend.


Or so I thought...


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