The Twists and Turns of Growing Up

Teenage life in Kingsbury is slightly less than satisfactory. High school isn't as glamorous as the movies, kids. The desks are old, the teachers are grouchy and the bathrooms, please don't bring up the bathrooms! Alexandria Lane has recently gotten an arrogant, blue-haired step-sister, a fuzzy bunny rabbit, (to which she has donned Geoffry) and possibly a new love?! Buckle up, high school is full of unexpected speed bumps! Ride along as several teens explore friendship, sexuality, and the limits of trust.
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7. Chapter Seven

Tony's P.O.V.

After I helped A with her travel issue, I skated home as quickly as possible.

"Please, for the sake of my life, let him be gone already." I thought as I turned down the last street towards my house.

I turned my key and prayed one last time.

"James?" I heard.

I took a sigh of relief and walked further inside.

"No, Mom, it's just me," I called.

I saw her come out of the kitchen and walk over to me. She grabbed my face and looked like she was about to cry.

"Mom?" I asked.

"You are lucky that your Father has been gone all day," she said.

I noticed her eyes flitting around and a slight pink to her forehead.

I scrunched my face up, "You're lying," I said.

She shook her head, "Just please, go do your homework, Anthony."

I stormed to my room. I hated when she lied to me, especially about that asshole that I shared blood with.

My so-called Father mooched of my Mom and was constantly drunk; nothing was good enough for him.

I made a promise from a young age, that when I was old enough, I would get the hell out and help my mom and younger sister do the same.


When it came time for the party, I pulled open my door to see if he was back yet. I tip-toed out to the hallway and listened intently. I could hear some faint voices and I creeped a little further towards the door.

"I wanted to share my crayons with Jaimie but he always tastes them!" I heard my sister, Kallie, tell someone.

"That's very strange, sweetheart." 

I exhaled. It was just them and I headed out.

I had figured out that if I took the F723 bus, it would lead straight to the address of the party.

I headed for the bus station by the train. It was the furthest from my house, so I figured I would be safe if I had to wait a little bit.

I sat down on the steel bench, away from some of the others that were there. My phone said it was 6:42 p.m. I would make it to the party just after 7:30.

I got a text from Alexa:



hey!! when are you gonna be there? :)

a little after it starts

okay... :/ see you then, just text me!

got it (;



I hopped off the bus and skated down the back road near the train tracks. It felt nice with the night air blowing around me with no one near. It was one of the few quiet moments I could have.

I pulled to a stop in front of the place.

The IHSBTS party was held in an old barnhouse behind the train. It had a lake behind it and apparently one of the seniors' grandparents owned the place. 

I followed the little dirt path down to the main house. There were various cliques and couples all around the property. While outside, I could hear people jumping into the lake.

As I headed inside, I was greeted by numerous scents and noises. This was some party. They had plenty of those disco lights that spun around and shot off different colors.

I spotted Alexa and Marcy by a keg stand and raced over.

"Thank you," Alexa giggled as she took a cup from a junior guy.

I snatched the cup out of her hand and took a sip.

"Hey!" She spun around and stuck her lower lip out.

"Oh! Tony!" She changed her tone.

"'Sup?" I said smirking.

"My beer!" She laughed.

"What? Oh, this? No, you don't need this." I took another sip.

She punched my arm lightly and we all headed for the back of the house.

We found Travis and one of his junior friends with a couple freshman girls.

"Travie!" Marcy whined.

She marched over and sat on his lap.

He laughed, "Hey, Marcy. Did you get that for me?" 

He took the plastic cup from her hands and wrapped his other around her waist.

"Excuse me." Travis' friend said as he headed inside.

"Is he okay?" Alexa asked.

"Yeah, Jake's just got girl troubles." Travis waved off.

Alexa turned to me, "So, can we talk?" 

I nodded.

She grabbed my hand and led me towards the ladder that led to the roof. We climed up and found our footing on a flatter part of the roof.

"What's up?" I asked as we sat.

"I was hoping to talk about what happened earlier today," she started.

"What?" I asked, "Don't be vague."

I watched as she fiddled with her fingers, "When we kissed," 

She looked up at me with her soft green eyes.

"What about it?" I shifted to face her better. 

What was she getting at? I thought.

"I dunno... why was that the first thing... did it mean anything..."

She looked back up at me and I could see tears forming.

"A?" I wrapped my arms around her.

"And... t-this..." she guestered to me, "I just want to know how you feel, Tony."

"Oh, Oh! A!" I laughed, "Bebs, if you feel something just say it. We've been friends forever and you are extremely adorable."

She leaned over and smacked her smooth lips into mine. I pulled her close and smiled.

"You know you can be honest with me." I said.

"I just didn't know what to say or do because it just happened and I dunno..." she explained, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Wanna have some fun now? We did come to a party, you know."

She grabbed my hand and we headed back.

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