The Twists and Turns of Growing Up

Teenage life in Kingsbury is slightly less than satisfactory. High school isn't as glamorous as the movies, kids. The desks are old, the teachers are grouchy and the bathrooms, please don't bring up the bathrooms! Alexandria Lane has recently gotten an arrogant, blue-haired step-sister, a fuzzy bunny rabbit, (to which she has donned Geoffry) and possibly a new love?! Buckle up, high school is full of unexpected speed bumps! Ride along as several teens explore friendship, sexuality, and the limits of trust.
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5. Chapter Five


Jacob's P.O.V.

 "I swear dude," Derek complained, "the summer wasn't three months; it was like three days!"

"I feel ya," Carter agreed.

It was the first day of school and I did not feel like dealing with this right now. There was going to be drama this year; I could already tell.

Travis came running into the bathroom just then, breathless.

"Damn, Trav," Derek laughed, "where's the fire?"

Travis laughed and did a little victory dance. He was the yuoungest of our little group of friends, but he was usually the one to get into trouble.

"I got to miss two classes just for skating around as the wanna-be fuzz came into work." He explained.

Carter tossed him a roll and Derek high-fived him.

I like to think I'm the neutral one of the group. I will stand by and see what crazy stuff will happen, but I won't do that much.

"Well, I should go." Derek said.

The other two whined in dissapointment. Derek walked out backwards and saluted. I could hear him laughing, proud of himself, as he walked out of the building.

"So," Carter said jumping off the counter, "are either of you going to the IHSBTS party?"

"The HB-what?" Travis asked.

"I hate school back to school." I explained.

Personally, I'm not a fan of huge parties, but my girlfriend wanted to go so I wanted to make her happy.

"I'm down!" Travis exclaimed, "Hey, maybe Marcy'll want to go, if you know what I mean!"

"Yes! Man, that's the spirit!" Carter laughed along with him.

They high-fived and left.

"See ya, Jake!" Carter called.

"Yeah," I said.

I shook my head an headed for class.


The first day and all this already. I was so glad I only had two years left in this place.

I found a seat in the back of my Geography class and laid my head down on the desk. I took a deep sigh and pulled out a notebook.

What was I gonna do?


I pulled my shirt off over my head and ran into the ocean. 

As I surfed through a tunnel I noticed a group of guys making their way to a cabana.

One of them was on the shorter side and bleach blonde. He had on bright blue swim trunks and dark sunglasses. He was at the back of the group and trailing a little bit.

I pushed myself back to shore and he noticed me as they were walking past.

He pulled up his sunglasses and smirked at me.

"Hey," he said.


I felt extreme social anxiety.

"You surf around here a lot?" He asked.

"Cam! You comin'?" one of his friends called.

"Be there in a sec'." He said.

He turned back to me and reached out a hand. I took it and held my board  in the other as I stood.

"So?" He asked again.

"Umm, yeah.. well for the summers... I... I live in Kingsbury." I tried to explain.

"Kingsbury?!" He asked, "My cousins live there! Do you happen to go to KHS?"

I nodded.

"So cool! So do they. Who would have thought."

I lightly laughed and rubbed my neck.

"Hey," he said again, "name's Cameron."

"J-Jacob." I replied.

I felt myself turning a slight pink.

"You alone today, Jake?" Cameron asked.


"Come on," he extended his hand.

My fingers shook as I placed them against his.

"You can hang with us today."

Cameron led me over to the cabana his friends were habitating for the day.

"Hey, guys!" Cameron called, "This is Jake. Is it cool if he hangs with us? He's from Kingsbury."

They all nodded in agreement.

"Welcome, Jake, I'm Kellan." A tall, dark haired boy said.

The one who called to Cameron was a skinny ginger with nearly a million freckles and bright blue eyes.

"I'm Dylan." He said.

There were three more boys who introduced themselves before Cameron pulled me over to the bar area. 

Nathan was average height and build, but had dyed purple hair, Lucas was tall and blonde and athletic, and Tim was short, like Cameron, and had a few tattoos.

"Kellan's dad owns the beach resort so it's not a big deal if we have a beer or two." Cameron explained.

I found a seat on one of the wicker chairs next to the bar.

"That's cool." I said.

"Totally!" Cameron said tossing me a cold one.

I popped it open and took a few nervous sips.

He sat down across from me and smiled his toothy grin.

"So, what's Kingsbury like?" He asked, "My cousins always come here."

"It's nice, " I said, "small, not that interesting to be honest."

"Hmm." Cameron noted.

He took a large sip and moved to sit next to me.

"Is that why you come here in the summer?" He asked.

"Pretty much." I said taking another sip, "My family has a small, beach house so I beg to come out here, and I can drive, so even if they don't want to spend the entire summer here, I can."


Cameron, his friends, and I hung out all day; swimming, surfing and exploring. It was nice to be around new people for a while.

We were having a bonfire as the sun set because Nathan wanted to have a clichè movie moment. We all collected stones and wood and Tim even drove out to get marshmallows.

I was working intently to get mine the perfect shade of brown.

"Ahhh!" Cameron yelled.

He ripped his rod out of the fire and blew feverently on it to put out the small flame.

He turned to me when it went out and laughed. I pulled mine out of the fire and offered one to him.

"Here, you can't have a burnt marshmallow." I said.

I picked one off and handed it to him.

"Thanks, Jake." He smiled.

But he surprised me; he took the marshmallow from me by grabbing it with his mouth.

He chomped on it and then laughed again.

"I didn't want my fingers to be sticky." He explained.

"Well," I said, "you didn't have to use your..."

He cut me off  and pushed his lips against mine. I sat there, like an idiot, as my face grew hot and pink. I slammed my eyes shut as he gripped the hair that caresse my neck.

I was terrified that he did it, but I was also happy; happy that he kissed me, happy that I met him, and happy that he made me happy.

I eventually kissed him back and he moved even closer to me.

Once we parted, we held hands the rest of the night. 


I sighed again when the memory stopped. I was upset at myself that I couldn't stop thinking about it. About him.

What was I gonna do?


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