Victim minds


2. The briefing

Meanwhile, in the BAU office, the agents sat around the circular table while Hotch stood, giving the briefing. "He takes women in their early twenties and it appears that he sells them for sex several times before killing them. The latest to go missing, is Jade Winslow, she had just got out of university, and she's quite the genius, completing everything necessary to be a therapist by the time she was 19. We were actually going to recruit her in a few days, but now she very well may be dead by that time."

"His victims, up until now, were blonde with blue eyes, why change?" Morgan piped in, staring at the ravenette with stunning green eyes on the screen.

Blake spoke up as well, "Maybe a change in his past is influencing him?"

"It says here, he rapes them numerous times and kills them with a jagged knife." JJ read aloud, "At least this case doesn't have any religious ties."

"Not necessarily, rape represents innocence being stolen, angels are representations of innocence, so it could be a message, religion could relate to anything." Reid said, glancing up to the screen for a moment, remembering running into her once.

"Thanks for the reminder, Reid." Jennifer nodded her thanks as well, scoping through the file quickly before they all stood, grabbing their go-bags as the group made their way to the airport.

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