1. I misunderstand society

Please, don't hate me for expressing my opinion, I am simply showing others how I see this world.

I was listening to the radio today, and every few seconds I heard a bleep-out. This music is seen as good, or inspirational, but it's so provocative that you have to edit it so you can put it on the radio. I understand if the artist feels the need to use a word or two to prove a point about something important to them, but to say things in such a provocative manner that little children cannot listen to it, is far over the limit. Pop music is telling girls to show a guy their body and they'll get a boyfriend, and then telling boys that if you have a way with words, you can get any girl you want. Everyone asks me why I don't like pop music or why I choose to listen to metal and punk music; these are the reasons. I mean, Blurred Lines is about rape, which I absolutely loathe Robin Thicke for. Isn't that kind of, you know, illegal and wrong?

Another thing, idols. We all have idols, or artists that we really enjoy, but what those artists stand for, is pretty much something I look for whenever I start looking for more bands to listen to. For example, Austin Carlisle (Of Mice and Men) was arrested for helping a fan in need (said fan was also a cancer patient,) and Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, illegal drugs, speeding, resisting arrest, and more, but he is seen as an inspiration to everyone, whilst Austin Carlisle is viewed as a Satan worshipper who should die in hell. I don't see how this works at all.

I'm always told to be myself, but when I start liking different music and styling my hair differently, I'm suddenly fake and a poser? My mom and grandma actually told me every day of my life to be myself and be proud of who I am, and when I finally have enough courage to go outside wearing all black with my headphones blaring punk music, they tell me to stop with the "goth shit" because apparently that's not who I am. How does anyone else know who I am inside? Unless you're telepathic, you can't read my mind, so you don't know my thoughts and feelings. Please, do tell me how I should dress myself, because yes, I am five and brain washed to see society's image of perfect.

Society: be yourself

Society: no not that way

Still, people ask me in disgust, "why do you listen to that shit," or my favourite question that I've been asked, "Why do you dress like a total goth instead of pretty clothes like ours?" What pretty clothes? Crop tops and booty shorts?

Another thing, how is me being who I want to be such a controversy? It's only a big deal if you make it one.

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