Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


58. yes


I woke up and didn't realize it was Christmas Eve, and I was in a hospital bed, I was wondering what was happening I saw my family, Jessica, the boys, friends, fans, and Cameron, Matt there sitting in the waiting room once the nurse saw me wake up she got down on the floor and started saying ' omg it's a Christmas miracle' and everyone looked at her and then looked at me, Jessica ran to my room window, and started crying I started to remember everything that had happened, and I started to cry and everyone came in and gave me hugs

******* 2 weeks later *******

I was back home, in rosewood and now everybody knew where I lived, even fans I was sleeping everyday for 3 hours, and I haven't seen Jessica not 2 weeks I got dressed in sweatpants, black sweater, slippers I left my hair down, my wavy hair. I drove to the adoption center and I saw Cameron walk in to I ran to the table and told them quick I wanted to adopt Jessica, and then Cameron came and said the same exact thing, the man said we would have to share her, and we agreed I took her home and took her to the second room she looked happy, and sat in the living room and said

I miss our old home in east jasmine the modern one, but you know not everything works out

Do you wanna go check out the place I left some clothes there I need to go get them

Sure mo- Bella

You can call me mom

Okay 'mom'

I got dressed into a red summer dress, and put on sandals, I walked out to the car with Jessica and drove to east jasmine we drove to 88 arleigh road, and saw Cameron was there, I said

You can go in and grab a few things of yours

Mom can you come in too

I got out of the car and walked into the house but Jessica quickly put on a blind fold and walked me down to the basement, once she took of the blind fold I saw a beautiful cake and it said cut it and take the middle piece, I did what it said, when I put the fork in the piece of cake I took I felt a hard rock or something and pulled apart the pieces of cake and a ring case, Cameron popped out of nowhere and grabbed the box and bent down on one knee and said

Bella Hamilton, will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?


I hugged him and started to cry, and Jessica said now we are a family

I started smiling and crying with joy, I grabbed Cameron's phone to take pictures and he had 20 missed calls from Sierra and 1 text message which said

Don't do it your gonna regret it she is gonna break your heart take the ring back now you will regret and I will stop talking to you for good

I gave him the ring back and left with Jessica and started crying

I got home with Jessica and she fell asleep in her bed and I fell asleep on the sofa I woke up to loud knocking I looked out the window really quick and I saw two angry parents I realized they were Jessica's biological parents, I called Cameron and he answered and said

What do you want Bella don't cause anymore pain in me

Help me, Jessica needs you I mean she is sleeping but she will wake up soon

I'll be there in 5 minutes

Come through the back door though please hurry

After 10 minutes I heard someone come through the back I screamed and fell to the floor and started to cry, it was Cameron and he ran to Jessica's room and hugged her and carried her out of her room, Cameron said

You said Jessica needed me so goodbye I'm taking Jessica deal with this yourself

I just sat on the floor and didn't look at him, before he left he grabbed her stuff and he heard me talking to Luke, and kept grabbing her stuff Luke came barging in through the back and grabbed my stuff I packed and put my stuff in the car but Cameron grabbed me before I got up and said


Yes I'm, you said it was my problem so I'm leaving and you can't stop me

Yes I can, your my fiancé and you have to stay here with me and Jessica



I didn't want Sierra mad at you I said softly

I don't care about Sierra I care about you he picked me up, and kissed me and dropped Jessica's stuff and grabbed my waist, bad thing was my back was faced the front door and we heard gun shots, and I fell out of his arms and he noticed blood coming out of my back he put me in his car and raced to the hospital and Luke was right behind him, we got to the hospital and I was there for a month everybody crying But Cameron was planning the wedding for next month.

**** 2 weeks later ****

I was out of the hospital and in Cameron's arms, I was sleeping but then I woke up and he smiled at me and said

Ready for breakfast

I'm ready

I saw the engagement ring on my finger and remembered I said yes again in the hospital, Jessica turned 17 and is dating Blake but long distance and he comes to visit at times to, we walked downstairs and Jessica said

Mom why are you in Cameron's shirt

I didn't realize I had it on so I walked upstairs and changed into joggers, white crop top, and fluffy white socks, I walked back downstairs ( there isn't an upstairs it's like little steps) and he made pancakes, I ate them and Jessica went to go get dressed since Blake was staying in east jasmine for the summer, and he was about to pick up Jessica, jessica left and Cameron and I were all alone in the house, we talked and talked, laughed, smiled and cuddled

Knock knock

I flinched every time someone knocked on the door, he opened the door and Sierra was talking to him and I heard her say

Has that whore done anything to break your heart yet?

I got up and walked to my room and started to cry I heard Cameron say ' get out go she was your best friend what the hell is your problem are you jealous of her come on stop being like that get out' I heard him open the door and it made me scream because of what happened in rosewood, he ran over to me and held me and said

It's okay babe I got you

I cried into his shirt

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