Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


50. wow


When I saw Bella phone in my sweater I was walking to the door and I saw her out cold in the floor


He saw Bella and helped me bring her inside, we put her on the couch, and we were about to call 911 but she woke up and said

I'm fine don't call 911, there just gonna say the same that I can't yell and cause stress to myself, you guys should be happy that I didn't lose my phone.

What do you mean phone?

I would have killed you guys, give me my phone now!

Why what's in their you don't want us to see? Asked Matt

It's nothing you don't even know my password

I do, said Matt

He took her phone put in the password and saw weird pics She had with her friends and matt and I started dying of laughter until we got to a pic with bell and Luke kissing. Bella said

Can I have my phone back?

I threw her phone at her and left mad she said

You should be happy I didn't lose my virginity to you Cameron cause I would hate you. Said bell

Well you did, bell, that night when we went to the bar.

I hate you Cameron Dallas. she said laughing

As I walked upstairs I heard Matt say

Are you still mad at me?

No not anymore Matt your an amazing friend, but right now I like cam, I'm sorry

It's fine Bella

I walked all the way really happy but I couldn't, I had to say

Bell is that true? I said while walking downstairs

No I was just joking cam, take a joke, and that shows you not to listen to my conversations with Matt, I have to go bye. Said Bella

As she walked out she whispered to me

I'm still mad at you for what you said to me at the hospital.

As she walked out I closed the door and walked up to matts guest room and just laid there.


As I walked out of matts house I walked to my car and got in I started the car and saw Luke in the passenger seat I got scared

Holy shit Luke, you scared me, what do you want

I wanted to see you and say sorry to you for what happened at apple bees

You shouldn't be apologizing to me Luke, you should be apologizing to Cameron

He walked out the car, and knocked on the door and Cameron opened the door, Luke was about to say sorry then Cameron pushed him to the ground and started punching him, I ran out the car and started screaming

CAMERON STOP, THATS ENOUGH I said while trying to pull them apart

But they just kept hitting each other, until I grabbed cams face and kissed him, he ended up stopping, but I just made things worse Luke punched him, then while I was trying to push them apart, Luke and cam both hit me on the face by accident.

What the hell you guys

As I said that I ran into matts house and told Matt, he gave me ice, then Luke walked in and said

Sorry bell, sorry for everything I lied to you I told you I had sex with this girl Jane but I don't even know a girl named Jane, I just didn't want to date you anymore.

Luke you could have just said that to me then breaking my heart two times after we had sex.

Bell I want you back.

I hugged him and kissed him, that's when cam walked in and said

Wow, you kissed me then him, I will never forgive you said cam

Cameron, wait, the only reason I kissed him is he actually didn't sleep with anyone but me, and I sti- he cut me of by saying

But he did rape you or was that a lie

It's true but oh know I see your point but I knew I shouldn't have ever dated you, get away from me Cameron

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