Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


26. why me?

We woke up and we saw Jessica waiting at the door and she said mommy daddy today is an important day it was May 12 and we screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE and she came running to us and hugging us and she went to her room to get dressed... I got up and ash was still sleeping I took a warm shower and when I was done I got my towel wrapped it around me and went walking to my room, I went to my wardrobe and I got a black long sleeved crop top with black ripped skinny jeans and black boots... I did my makeup.... Red lipstick, blush, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow and I was done I saw ash as he woke up I sat on the bed and he said what's wrong? I said why me? Why did you fall in love with me? He replied because you were beautiful and I liked you since kindergarten when I first saw you I made a wish that you would be my wife and it happened I love you so much babe.... After that we heard a Big Bang and crying from downstairs I got up and ran out the room to see what happened I see that Jessica tripped over ash drum set and I ran downstairs and got my car keys, phone, and purse ( I got the car keys to the convertible) and I picked up Jessica put her in the car buckeled her seat belt I ran in the car and got my self buckeled in and started the engine.

*****Skips ride to the hospital******

******at the hospital******

Hi I have an emergency!!!! Yes what is it, my daughter tripped over a drum set and she complained that her foot was hurting her... Ok Mrs. Hamilton lets take her to an x-Ray would you mind standing outside... Yes nurse

***** skips x-Ray check*******

Mrs.Hamilton her foot will be spraint but she can wear shoes but she needs to be carried everywhere since she is small you may take her home now..... (Jessica's mind) I wonder if daddy and mommy are gonna break up cause I'm tired of daddy I love mommy and that was a test to see who was a better parent and I guess mommy won since she came running when it was raining outside and still took me to the hospital and she is soaking wet.(Jessica's thoughts are over)

******skips ride home ********

Hold on sweetie (turned of the engine) I'm gonna come get you out I got out of the car and went walking to open Jessica's door and got her out and closed the car door and carried her inside

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