Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


6. why does everything happen to me

After we were in the hospital for 2 whole days that's when Ashton got out of the hospital fresh and had a lot of energy and was ready to go on tour so when we got home we screamed because we have gotten robbed and when Ashton went to his room he said what why me and I went rushing into the room and the wallpaper said bad boy that's what you get.

Then I told him not to worry so he packed his things carefully and when he was done I went to my room and when I read the wallpaper I started to cry because to save Ashton from not getting stabbed again I had to break up with him, and that was hard because that's when Ashton went running into the room and said omg so instead he packed my stuff Which I needed 2 luggages for my clothes.

After we were done packing we locked up all of our stuff and we went to the tour bus were Calum Luke and Michel was there and we hit the road and the bus driver started driving we first went to Canada it was really fun there but then I noticed I saw a car chasing us and Matthew was In the car I freaked out and when we were heading back home.

I told Ashton that we had to talk when we got home he asked me and said what's wrong I said it's just really important and when we got home we didn't unpack we just sat there he said so what did you want to tell me, I said I'm dumping you I'm really sorry I said, he said why I said I want you to be safe he said I don't care I just love you I said Go get out of here he said fine don't ever talk to me and he left out of here crying and slammed the door which made me cry so much Natalie came to the door and knocked I said can't open the door I will talk with you tommorrow so she left.

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