Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


25. why do u keep doing this

Where you going babe, im going to visit Matt, he said ok, be back home soon bye jes bye ash, I got the car keys to the Range Rover and got in the car put the car keys in the engine put on my seat belt and started driving it was a long ride but then the song amnesia was on and I called ash and said your music is on the radio and he started screaming and singing, then I hung up on him, I started crying but I tried so hard to hold it in (emotional wall girl emotional walls) and then I got there, I turned of the engine, unbuckled my seatbelt, and opened the door, got my keys, and purse, and started walking to his door I knocked and knocked and no answer so I went walking to Natalie and Luke's old house and it was a big flashback


Omg I starred running out the car and called 911 I followed behind the ambulance and ash, cal, and Michael got there and Luke was crying so much and I was to and ash came to me and cal and mic went walking to Luke and ash stopped at me and I yelled at him.

***********flashback ends*************

I went walking back to his house and he was their waiting and he just had to ask, Where is Rocky?..... I took out my car keys and went running to the car and started the engine and left he just walked back in his house I got home around 4 and I unbuckled my seatbelt, stopped the engine, opened the door got my purse, and keys and slammed the door shut I put the keys down, and purse, and took of my shoes and went running upstairs to Rockys room when I saw that it was remodeled for jes I just sat their and went downstairs and ash and jes were both confused when they saw me running upstairs..... I went walking downstairs to get some water and I sat down, thinking and thinking so much I felt like my head would explode.

I got a message it was from Matt...

M- hey what happened why u leave?

B- I just needed to get home to cook dinner

M- so where is Rocky?

B- she died ok I have to go bye

M- bye😓

Ashton got up and came walking to me with Jessica he said you want to hold her, I said NO!!! And got up and went running upstairs, and Jessica started crying and said mommy doesn't love me😓 mommy does love you it's when rocky died I told her I would never have a kid with her and she is just mad.... Daddy I'm tried can u carry me upstairs, sure sweetie, goodnight daddy... Goodnight sweetie, i went walking to the room and I sat down on her big black chair and stared at her, and she said why are u staring at me? He replied saying, why would u say that to our daughter be mad at me not her go say sorry to her!!!! FINE!!! I shouted I got up and started walking to Jessica's room and I opened the door and walked to her bed and sat their and said....

I'm sorry Jessica I didn't mean to be that mean to you... Jessica woke up and said it fine in the cutest voice ever I just couldn't resist and I started hugging her so much I walked back to my room after I tucked her in and Ashton was sleeping in his pj pants and was shirtless until I woke him up and told him to put on a shirt then he did and I changed into my pjs and walked to my bed and fell asleep.

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