Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


16. what a day!!!!


I went to go check up on natalie cause she was like family already and Luke I see him sobbing so much he can't stop that's true love, mabye Bella was right I never cried for her and I was selfish I'm just really upset because she didn't cancel the wedding because I said was the wedding day I think Luke might go but mabye not im just worried that Bella is crying so much she can't go on with the wedding because natalie is her best friend cause when we fought so much natalie would be there for her like my boys where there for me to.


I'm crying so much I want natalie to get out of the hospital today because I want to hug her so much I'm mean a lot because it has been days since I have seen her she is awake today might be the day she gets out and I will be the happiest person alive but now I'm the saddest and it's so hard to concentrate on my thoughts but I wish it can all stop now I haven't slept in days I'm just gonna go home in like an hour or so I guess.


Please wake up Natalie and what a big miracle she woke up I wonder if she was gonna go home and she did i did to I didn't take a shower for days so I went home first took a shower and got dressed black skinny jeans and a white crop trop and black wedges I left for a walk got my phone and I saw Ashton outside crying...I wondered what happened, I walked up to him and said what happened are u ok? He said do u want to marry me I said I guess and that reminds me the wedding is in one hour and the thing is 30 minutes far lets go I got my wedding dress and shoes he got his tuex and we left in his car the ride was quite I was on my phone the whole time when we got there everyone was there and my bridesmaids helped me get dressed I got dressed in time and so did Ashton he walked to his spot with his best man witch was Luke and I walked out with my dad and was happy they did the speech blah blah blah until it was time for the I do part he said I do and I said...I do and they gave he rings then they said u make kiss the bride it was the best kiss ever.

We were so happy I didn't believe this well Ashton did we still lived seperate and it stayed like that and he got the gifts I got the money it was really fun until he came to my house when I was in a sports bra and shorts... I said yes Ashton what do u need he said he has a pest so he called pest control and it was night time and they said that he shouldn't go back in then I said u can stay the night so we went to the bedroom and went to sleep.

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