Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


35. wedding

When we got their the ceremony was starting we sat in the back, the whole thing was boring, after Luke grabbed my hand and I laid on his shoulder, and he kissed me I kissed him back and started smiling. My relationship with him is way different then with Ashton, the ceremony ended and we drove to their house for the party we were all having a good time and Jessica was getting to know luke and I was playing with Daniella, Ashton walked over to the table and said

May I talk to you Bella alone

I said sure

We walked to a corner and he said

Why are u dating my best friend?

To get back at him I said

Why did u get married to my best friend?

I turned around and walked away but he grabbed me and turned me around and kissed me and said

You know where to find me

I ran to the table and when I got near the table I started to walk luke asked

What happened? What did he say?

I had to lie! I said he was saying sorry that he had invited us can we go now! Please

Yea sure

We got to the car which took us 2 minutes to get home. I parked the car I opened the door ran to the front door, and ran upstairs I took of my makeup, and changed into my pjs, and brushed my teeth then ran into bed and tried to go to sleep. Luke walked in and said

Are u okay?!

Yea I'm fine just tired! Goodnight with a small chuckle

He got undressed and changed into pj pants and for the first time a tank top to sleep inside of walking to the bed, he walked out the door and I just ignored him and fell asleep.

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