Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


56. tour

I walked in and saw Jessica sitting on the couch next to Cameron, oh shit

Hey Jessica when did you get back?

Cameron picked me up, mom can we go out tonight, and I want you to meet jaden and his parents, but I also called Cameron because I didn't tell Jaden that Ashton left us and so did Luke, and that you left Cameron, so can you please pretend that you are married to Cameron?

That's not my choice it's Cameron's choice

as I said that I walked upstairs and into my room and sat down and watched t.v while I was doing a following spree

Jessica came upstairs and into my room crying

Mommy, mommy jaden is gonna think we are a joke

Sweetie what happened what did he say?

He said he is leaving tonight, to go on that stupid tour

It's fine we will say that he had to work, or I will call Ashton and see what he says

Thanks mom I'm gonna go get dressed, and do me a favor don't say to much crap

Alright go get dressed, AND HEY WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE

Sorry mom.

I called Ashton and told him everything and he said okay I was already dressed but just took off my beanie and threw it in my closet, I decided to call Cameron

CALLER ID: Cameron Dallas

C: Hello, what's wrong Bella

B: I thought you were a different person, but you

would give up your family, for a stupid tour

C: what family, Jessica isn't my kids she is yours and Ashton's, okay I love you and I love Jessica as my own kid, but my career comes first I hope everything is okay with us babe

B: well now you just lost me

C: wait what, be--

I hung up on his before he could finish whatever he was saying, we drove to apple bees and I walked up to Ashton and said

Let's get this over with.

He agreed and we walked over to the table and acted like a happy family, we talked and talked with Jadens parents, and Jessica was talking to jaden, I got 10 messages and they were all from Cameron I opened them and it said

Come outside I know your at apples bees I don't

have much time

- Cameron Dallas

I ran out of my chair and heard Jessica screaming 'mom what happened are you okay' but I ran outside and I saw Cameron there standing, I ran up to him and he saw me, and he opened his arms, and I jumped up on him, and he hugged me and started crying and said

I'm so sorry bell, family is way more important than my career, I love you and since its Jessica's vacation, I want you guys to come on the tour with us

Of course we will, since today is wednsday, and the show is Friday we will fly out tomorrow morning.

We walked back inside and we all started bonding, I told Jessica about going on tour and she got happy, worse thing is she told jaden and he broke up with her, we are in the plane, and she is crying, Cameron grabbed my hand and kissed it, I turned to him and let him kiss me, well my lips, I kissed him and he kissed back, we have been through so much, and look we are a happy family except for Jessica since jaden broke up with her, we landed and got to the hotel, I met everyone and we all bonded and goofed around.

We all got paired up for ours rooms, and that's when Cameron kept telling me to go tell Jessica everything, which would mean I could be a mid-adult and not a parent, and be like a kid, and dress like a teenager

I walked up to Jessica and pulled her away from Blake

Mom what's going on, I was talking to Blake

Jessica your making this harder for me then it already is

What it mom

Stop calling me mom

What are you talking about?

When I was in labor-

Yea with me right

Listen, when I was in labor I lost my baby, and i didn't want to tell Ashton anything, so I quickly adopted you so he wouldn't leave me

And why are you tell me this now she said crying

I'm telling you this now because your biological parents want you back.

Well then, I'll go pack

Jessica they want you back at the end of August, we still have 3 months on tour together, but I will be here for you as a friend, I'm 21 I should live life, I never had a teenage experience because I was always getting pregnant

It's not my fault Bella that your a WHORE, and a BITCH

Cameron heard her say that and came running to me


Well Cameron you think Bella is an angel let her tell you everything I have to go pack

I ran to the suite that Cameron and I got and started to cry all my mascara ran down my face, and Sierra walked in and sat down and hugged me, she cleaned up my face and just hugged me and said

Even if you keep secrets from Cameron, he has a ton too, but I don't want you in them, so I'm gonna tell you one that I just found out

Tell me Sierra, I want to go home so tell me NOW

He is doubting his feelings for you.

I have to go, I'll see you around whenever your in rosewood.

But you don't live in rosewood

That's correct, can you leave my room

She got up, and walked out i went through my luggage, took out a pair of joggers, a white crop-top, put my hair in a sloppy pony-tail, black sweater, and put on my black and white adidas. I ran outside and made sure no one noticed me but Blake did and he came running to me and said

The show is about to start where are you going?

Don't tell Cameron, well actually you can because he doesn't care about me, and never has, tell him I'm leaving and to not find me.

Where are you going?

Why do you care Blake, you know if I was 15 I would like you but I'm 21, your a nice sweet caring guy I'll see you around

Why do you want to leave

He doesn't care about me watch record the whole thing but put your phone in you pocket and don't tell him anything, he won't notice I'm gone, I'm gonna go find someone who cares about me and really famous, which is probably Matthew Espinosa, I have to go my private jet will leave goodbye Blake.

I ran to the place, and got into the jet, and it started flying I had so many thought and I got so many messages from Sierra but if she was my friend she wouldn't have told me that, I blocked her messages, and deleted all of my pictures with her and Cameron, I was tired but I decided to do a following spree since I didn't finish, after I put my status to single I stopped getting hate comments.

*************Three Weeks Later *****************

I was at home laying in bed, but I moved to rosewood it's not a big house but there are two rooms, and it's real nice but Cameron was off of my mind until now, but I'm happy I'm hanging out with all of my friends, hanging out with the boys again and Natalie, I got to know Daniella since she is 5, and she is happy that she got to know her biological mother I haven't heard from Jessica, but it's probably for the best.

NEW MESSAGE: Luke & Calum & Ashton & Michael

L: wanna hang out

C: sure where do you wanna meet up

L: my place or the studio

A: the studio dumbass we need to practice

B: I'll join

M: me to

L: it's settled see you guys soon

B: it might take me an hour to get there

L: alright well will meet you there

B: alright bye

I got dressed since I took my shower earlier, I got dressed in black skinny jeans, black and white crop top, black ankle boots, and a beanie, I haven't worn heels or crop tops in a while so, let's see how comfortable I feel, I got into my car and drove around east jasmine, where I use to live and near the studio I parked in front of the studio and walked in and saw Daniella, Natalie, and the boys sitting there, Ashton said

Look our 5th singer in the group, now you have a reason for being famous

Yea whatever I walked over to Luke and kissed him

*oh I forgot me and Luke are dating again, well to make Cameron jealous

We got to singing, then while I was singing the last verse someone walked upstairs and clapped their hands it was

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