Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


54. the note

when i opened the note it said 

            hey bella, i know my sister probably told u and I'm mad about that i can't keep you out of my head, i never thought i would feel this way but bella i love you with all my heart i don't care if you were a slut back then, but i love you no matter what, whatever they call people whores, sluts, thots, i don't care i love you

                                       - Cameron Dallas

after i read the note someone knocked on the door, of course it was cameron

hey babe we all good

no we arent you called me a whore and a slut, that hurt me I'm sorry but please go, i don't want to know anything about you anymore,

bell don't do this

I will always love you but I have to.

I slammed the door and ran upstairs and get fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and found my self on the floor I was confused at first but then I remembered, I started to cry and walked into my room. I felt broken like nothing would get better , but then that changed.

I heard the door bell ring, I opened the door and saw Matt, I was so happy to see him and he gave me a hug and I explained everything that has happened, he gave me a hug and kissed me on my forehead, we said our goodbyes and he left. I walked upstairs and my phone had 20 messages and 5 missed calls after Matt left. I read all of them but they were all in a group chat, so it was easy to read

Group chat: Sierra, Matt, Ashton, Luke, Michael, Cameron, Calum

C: get to the hospital now

S: it's about Luke

A: please hurry

M: he might die

And 16 messages later, I rushed to the hospital not even noticing I was still in my pjs which was a sport bra and sports shorts, but those tight ones, I ran into the hospital and only Ashton, Michael, and Calum were bawling their eyes out, the rest were just crying a little bit.

Mrs. Hemming, Bella Hemmings?

I ran to the doctor and asked right away

Is he okay? Please tell me? I need to know!

He is okay, he is still in recovery we will tell you when he wakes up

What do you mean?

I'm sorry ma'am he is in a coma.

I burst out in tears and run over to Sierra, she hugs me and then says goodbye, and so does Matt, Michael, and Calum, it was only me, Ashton, and Cameron left. After I told Ashton that he was in a coma he burst out into tears again, and Cameron sat on the other side, while I sat on the floor near a wall, right near Luke's door.

Ashton left after 2 days went by, and we hugged for at least 5 minutes, and all of a sudden I said

I miss you Ashton, I know what happened was your fault but we would have been married right now, and things with Cameron would have been different, but instead you choose my best friend.

I miss you to but who really needs you is luke I understand everything going on right now with Cameron is bad, but Luke needs a friend or best friend, I'm sorry to tell you this but he has a girlfriend, and Matt does to, but you know you just need to forget about what happened with Cameron, and start to love him again.

I walked away from him and roamed the halls of the hospital, and I turned around and saw Cameron, holding a sweater, and walking towards me he said

Here wear this, umm yea but keep it, it's okay if you do.

Cameron I'm sorry.

Why? Bell

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