Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


47. thank you

After cam left I got a message


C: hey bell

B: hey cam what's up I'm kinda busy can I text you back later

C: okay🙄

I was dressed I wore a black short skirt, and a white tank, with black ankle boots, I did my original make-up and hair-do I walked downstairs, took my purse, phone, and Car keys. I walked to my car got in and drove away. When I got to the hospital I saw cal walking I stopped the car opened the window and screamed

Cal!! Let me give you a ride

He nodded his head yes and got in he was upset and was staring at his phone.

Cal you okay

Yea um I got in a huge fight with Luke and I don't want to go back, and he told me about him cheating on you again, I'm just tired of his drama

Cal calm down Jessica is coming back today so you ca- I stopped talking when my phone lit up 29 times with missed calls from Luke and messages. When I got over to my place not matts I walked in and he helped me clean I walked outside and called Luke back


L- hello?

B- what do you need

L- I need to talk to you can we meet in person

B- fine tmw for breakfast at ihop

L- okay see you there

I hung up and walked inside the house it was all clean all my clothes were inside my my drawers and Jessica's room was okay I walked to cal and gave him a blanket and a pillow, I said

Jessica is coming tmw at dinner, I'm going out to breakfast with umm... My friends

Okay Bella I don't need an explanation

I walked upstairs and changed into my pjs and fell asleep. I woke up at 8:00 am and got up to get dressed I put on black ripped skinny jeans, black and white crop top, black boots, white sweater, beanie, and I was done I put my hair in a pony-tail, red lipstick, black eyeliner, bronzer, mascara, and I was done I grabbed my phone and car keys, I walked downstairs, and left the house I got to my car, and drove to i hop.

I sat at a table and waiting for him


C: hey what's up how have you been

B: I'm sorry cam I'm busy right now ttyl I'm really sorry

C: it's fine whatever bye

B: don't get mad

C: it's fine bye

Before I texted him back, I saw Luke sit down and he said

Hey Bella

What do you want to talk about luke

About us Bella

Ding, ding


S: what did you do to cam he is so upset

B: I told him I was busy I'm sorry

S: it's fine I'll talk to him later call him later

B: okay I gtg bye

S: bye

What happened what do you want to talk about

Well why don't we be a family aren't you pregnant?

No why the hell would you think that as Luke. As I said that I got up and ran out to my car, and drove back home, as I walked in I took of my shoes and said

Hey cal, you okay

Yea I'm fine wanna watch a movie

Yea sure

What should we watch cal

Well not me I'm talking about you and Luke

Umm yea I guess

Luke walked in and sat on the couch, I walked over with some blankets and pillows, as I sat down next to him I moved over a little bit.

What movie should umm me and you watch

Let's watch the fault in our stars said Luke

The movie started and I kept getting messages

2 from Taylor. C and 3 from Nash 5 from Sierra


B: What's wrong guys

N: cam is waiting for you to call him back

S: you promised me Bella you would call him he is upset that he thinks your mad at him

I got up quick and called him but I forgot Luke was in the room.

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