Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


52. sorry


hey um Cameron do you want to live with me and Jessica? 

Of course babe 

I kissed him and he kissed back, once we finally got out of the car i walked upstairs and went into my personal bathroom, I took a shower, put on my pjs, took of my makeup, then put on lotion, I walked into the bedroom and saw Cameron there laying down with only pj pants no shirt, I jumped into the bed, and layed down, he hugged me and cuddled 

Knock, knock

I'll go get it cam

No lets anwser the door together 

We got up and walked downstairs and opened the door I saw Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum

Hey guys what's up?

 Hey bell we wanted to invite you to our rehearsal said Calum 

May I ask why you are asking her that

 Well umm wait who are you first of all be why are you shirtless in my house Luke said 

Hey Luke um you remember Cameron, they guy you hit, and Luke he is my boyfriend and you said you didn't have any feelings for me anymore

 Oh hey Cameron you allowed to come to if you want, we're just preparing for tour 

Omg you guys I'm so proud of you, I'll be there tomorrow at 9:00, is Natalie gonna be there Ashton I wanna see my kids

Of course Bella 

Hey Cameron watch out for Bella you wanna know something she dated every single one of us including your boy Matthew so good luck with her, said Luke 

Okay bye guys said Cameron

BELLA what Luke just told me is it true

No it wasn't I didn't date all of them

Thank god but name the ones you dated in order

Fine, you, Matt, Ashton, cal, Luke, cal, you

Okay it's all of them except for the weird hair freak

Cameron don't say that about my friend

I'm sorry Bella I forgot his name what is it


Oh umm I'm just gonna get going to matts house bye Bella see you later

Wait what Cameron

This living thing isn't gonna work out sorry Bella

Fine go

And he left I'm hate Luke so much, I just wanna punch him, I walked upstairs and laid in my bed and fell asleep

****next morning*****

**** 8:00 am*****

I woke up and saw the time and realized I had to leave by 9:00 I ran to the bathroom and took a shower, I grabbed my blow dryer and straightener, after I finished my hair, I fixed my eyebrows, put eyeshadow in the crest, then eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, red lipstick, now I had to pick out my clothes I grabbed black skinny jeans, and a white shirt, with black combat boots, as I walked out to my car I said

Jessica I'm leaving you can go out with your friends but you have to text me first

Okay mom

I got into my car, and started driving by the time I got their it was 9:40 I walked into the studio and sat down next to Natalie

What happened Bella that you came so late

I woke up late

Where's Daniella I know she is 3 years old now where is she?

I didn't bring her sorry Bella Said Natalie

What the hell I came to see my baby

You know what mabye you would still have your baby if you weren't having sex with so many guys said Natalie

Goodbye Natalie

I walked downstairs and out of the studio and started crying

Bella you okay I heard someone scream

I turned around and saw Ashton

Bella why are you crying?

Mabye you should ask Natalie

I walked towards my car, and just got in and cried, then started driving back to my house, I walked in and saw a note on the door it said

Hey mom sorry I didn't tell you but grandparents wanted me to go to Miami till school started well the week before college started I would come back to home sorry mom I'll call you when I land❤️ - Jessica Irwin Hamilton

Now I'm all alone

Ring ring

INCOMING CALL: Sierra Dallas

S: hey bell you okay?

B: yea why?

S: Cameron didn't tell you

B: no what's going on

S: he said he can't deal with you anymore and he's done with you since after what Luke told him

B: I have to go

S: I'm sor--

I Hung up on her and left to the studio I ran upstairs and smacked Luke

What the fuck Bella said Luke

Why did you say that to him, he hates me now, you know what I'm done with all of you, goodbye

I ran to my car since it started to rain, once I got back to my house I ran inside and into my bedroom, I took of all my make up, took of my shoes and socks and just sat down on the floor.

Knock knock

I'm coming

I opened the door revealing it to

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