Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


48. sorry


B: hello?

C: hey are you busy now

B: yea sorta

C: now I'm mad okay bye Bella, I'm upset

B: I'm sorry please, I'm having problems with some guy and I'm just sorry, cam I like you as a friend, that's all I'm sorry

C: it's fine bye tell Luke... For him to call me

B: okay

Hey Luke

Yea Bella

Call cam

Who is cam

Cameron Dallas, Luke


He got up and walked outside to talk to cam, he came back in mad and he pushed me to the wall, and said

You made me talk to your ex boyfriend, what the hell bell

Relax Luke and get of Jessica will be here soon


He pushed me into the couch and started to pull down his pants and boxers, he pulled down my jeans, and my underwear, and started thrusting in me until, Jessica walked in

What the hell Luke get of her.

Luke got of quick and ran out embarrassed

Hey Jessica I'm happy your home but we're not staying here were going to matts lets go.

For how long mom till Luke learns his lesson

Okay mom

We got in the car and I started driving, ring, ring


C: wanna hang out or your to busy

B: I'm not busy anymore where do you wanna meet?

C: maybe at matts house

B: okay sure

I got in matts house with Jessica and took her to the guest room and I slept in matts room, I took a shower, then got dressed in a long sleeved black crop top, with a green skirt, and black heels, I did my regular hair-do, and regular make-up, I walked downstairs and the door bell rang I opened it revealing cam, I gave him a big hug, he hugged tighter, and he said

What happened?

Luke tried rapping me then Jessica walked in and he ran out

He hugged me and kissed me on my forehead, ding, I walked up and opened the door and saw cal

Hey cal

Hey bell can we talk in private outside

Yea sure, cam I'll be back

What's wrong cal?

I just saw Luke with Jane I'm really sorry that this is all happening, but I know how you can make him jealous.

How cal? tell me. I said eager

Take cam out and date him

Okay anyway cam, Taylor, Aaron, Nash, Sierra, and Matt are taking a break on the tour but only cam wanted to come back here, so it'll good and I'm going on a date with Cam to

**50 minutes after the talk

Cameron wanted to meet Jessica so they met then we went to apple bees, we were laughing, and talking then cam started to come close to me and kiss me I kissed back it felt great to reconnect with my ex but then someone pulled him of me and said

What the fuck get of my fucking girlfriend

It was Luke

He grabbed cam and threw him on the ground Cameron couldn't breathe I called 911 they came immediately, and I drove in my car to the hospital, I saw cam in a hospital bed surrounded by fans, I got down and started crying

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