Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton



ASHTON what the hell happened to Rocky, she fell down stairs when I was showing her around Ashton I hate u so much I had to leave an Imp--- he cut me of saying why are u dressed like that I said it's none of your business he said whatever... What room is she in, they won't let anyone see her she is injured really bad, Ashton if she di--- ring ring ring... Why is Calum calling you nothing Ashton, hello hey Calum she is in the hospital she is injured I don't know what happened maybe we can reschedule next week or u can come over when Rocky is fine he said ok i gtg bye I said bye... Bella 1 more time why did he call you it's none of you business I'm gonna go sit down and I'm getting full custody Ashton ok cause if she dies I will hate u forever

Mrs.Irwin the nurses said yes and Mr.Irwin yes nurse, I'm really sorry to say this but the injury is really bad and we tried to help her but she died from all the blood she lost from her head I'm really sorry NOOO I screamed I HATE YOU ASHTON she was my only baby that we had I said crying, you should go home and get some rest Mrs.Irwin yea I'm gonna go home but for her death certificate I want it to say Rocky Hamilton and I'm Ms. Hamilton, bye I got in my car and put on my headphones because cal was calling me hello cal can u call later I'm really upset, what happened he said Rocky died under Ashton taking care of her oh no yea I gtg talk to u later bye, bye

RING RING RING, please leave a message after the beep, beep, Bella I'm so sorry ok I want to be with Rocky and if u understand then I'm gonna kill myself bye I love you so much... I woke up and heard that message I got my shoes on and ran to his house and it's was to late he was laying on the floor and I called 911 and they came fast and when we were in the hospital I was crying so much and Michael and Luke and nat and even cal was there they all came to me and hugged me and said what happened I showed them the voice mail and they said wow and they hugged me again

Cal took me to go sit down and I leaned on his shoulder he said everything is gonna be fine I said no Rocky died and what if Ashton dies I will be a big wreck Ashton is my life and Rocky then he said oh and got up and left me there crying and nat came and sat down and she comfort me they called my name the nurses said Mrs.Irwin I said yes I'm Mrs.Irwin they said he had a big head concision you can take him home I got him and put him in the car... And everyone left and he said why did you... Why did I what Ashton... Call 911 I wanted to die all I did was park and look at him and pull his shirt close to me and kissed his cheek and cal saw that and cal got really upset, why did u do that kiss me... Because I love you... We can have another baby but not call it Rocky cause no one can replace Rocky he said I know

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