Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


39. really

Calling: Luke

Hey Luke do u want to come over?

Um yea sure where are u?

2 lodge rd. I moved

I'll be there in 30 minutes


I went upstairs to my room, and walked into the bathroom, I took a shower, after the shower I changed into black shorts and a flower shirt, I put on black sandals afterwords, I blow dried my hair and straightened my hair, I put in a beanie afterwords, I had no time for make-up cause the doorbell rang. I walked downstairs with my phone and opened the door.

Hey Luke. Come on in sit down the living room is on the left of the room.

After he walked in I closed the door and walked into the kitchen I got some cookies and drinks and I took it into the living room. Luke was just sitting there with a frown on his face.

What's wrong Luke? I invited u so I wouldn't be so sorry about things and since I was alone.

I'm sorry bell I just keep thinking about how we left things, I know I shouldn't have left u for 7 days then say I was leaving, I'm sorry I called u a liar, I'm sorry for everything I did to you but we were living an amazing life, Bella I love you❤️

He started leaning in and I did the same next thing I know our lips are connected and moving in sync.

Luke please stop

He stopped and got up and walked outside

Luke I'm sorry come back, he walked back and just stood their and hugged me, I hugged him back.

Can I stay? He said and started crying

Yea sure, u gonna tell your parents?

No they went on a cruise and I had no where to go. Luke said

Alright let's go in. I said as we walked back in.

Where should I sleep? Luke asked

You can sleep with me, I mean it's okay

As we walked into my room I went into my drawers and found Luke's old sweat pants and gave him a nirvana muscle shirt he changed right in front of me, he caught me staring so I grabbed my pjs which was a sports bra and shorts, I brushed my teeth and changed into my pjs, and walked out of the bathroom, Luke was sitting on the end of the bed.

Luke are you okay?

Yeah Iam what about us? Luke said

We're okay. I said while I hugged him

I got up and went to my drawers and took out a baggy shirt to wear, and I went to bed, Luke also got in bed, I pulled the covers over us, and while I was going to sleep, I felt two big arms go around my waist and just held his hand and went to bed.


I woke up to two big arms around my waist I turned around and saw Luke he was lightly snoring.

Luke wake up? I said smiling

What? He said groaning

Wake up lukey!

Fine but don't call me that. Luke said

Idk lukey. I said

He got on top of me and started tickling me.

LUKE FINE GET OF. I said laughing

He got of, and got up from the bed, and sat on the end of the bed . I got up and sat next to him I grabbed his hand, and intertwined out fingers, he looked at me, and his blue eyes are just so resistible, I leaned in and kissed him, he kissed back and pushed me on the bed, and started kissing me neck.

Luke wait stop, I'm sorry I just can't. I said

It's fine. He said as he got of of me

He walked into the bathroom, and came back out he was changed already into the clothes he wore yesterday.

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