Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


15. really again!!!


When I got home I decided to take a 5 minute shower to feel fresh, after I was done I went to my room and remembered that I had to go visit the band so I got dressed blue skinny jeans and a coffee shirt and black vans, I got my phone, car keys, and house keys I was walking down the driveway until I saw my parents going to Bella's house OMG why would they, I ran to the gate opened it ran to my car got in and drove down the block to Bella's house where my parents where. The reason why I'm scared is I never told them that we aren't together anymore😬 things just keep on getting worse, I got to Bella's house but I was to late Bella told them the whole truth I got inside and started yelling at Bella after my parents left I said why would you and more words but bad and offensive one.....right until she cut me of and said I told your parents the wedding was next week I will just call them and tell them the truth understand...


After Ashton left I went to go take a hot shower so my muscles can get relaxed 20 minutes later I was out of he bathroom, and walking to my room, I got dressed, stripped shirt black and white that go with black skirts then I put on black flats and got my phone, and headed out to the kitchen got my bag sweater and Car keys and house keys I was heading outside from the back I opened the gate went to my car a red convertible put the top down of the car and started driving to Natalie's she lived kinda far away since I moved and Ashton moved closer to be I had to go 5 blocks to get to her house when I got there I saw there was a fire and Luke couldn't find natalie.... I got so scared I parked my car ran out and went in the house to look for her I found her and I screamed LUKE help he came running and got natalie out she was in the basement, I was so scared I went back to my car and got my phone (iPhone 6) and called 911 and they came as quick as possible and ambulance came and firefighters and police it was a big thing Luke was dressed in a black skinny jeans and a Beatles shirt and blue vans but after since he went to get Natalie all his clothes were black. I was so scared and I was wondering why would she be in the basement the ambulance only took one person in the truck so I said I will just follow them behind I ran to my car and followed the truck we got to the hospital and they were checking on her and that's when all the boys Ashton Calum and Michael came running in to Luke because Luke was crying but Ashton came to me and said....are you sure you want to marry me next week I said no you have been selfish like when I'm in the hospital you just stand there and go home you don't love me look at Luke right now and compared to me when your in the hospital lying there on a bed injured tears come running down my face, you never understood how much I loved you, you were just using me. He had no words to say so I said bye I went to Luke and said I'm gonna go see how much stuff was left and bring them to my place you guys can stay there and I will help you with everything ok he said ok bye and thanks for all your help.

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