Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


41. Please stay

Luke where are you going?

I'll be back in an hour or two bye

He ran out and left, I took a 20 minute shower, I brushed my teeth, then put on a light blue skirt and a black tank with black heels. All that took 10 minutes I walked over to my make-up set and put on red lipstick, bronzer, black eyeliner, mascara, and I was done I walked downstairs, and walked into the kitchen I was making eggs, when I was done, I sat down to eat, I finished eating 5 minutes later. I was washing the dishes and I heard someone walk in.

Hello? Luke? I said

No it's cal

Omg cal how are u? I said while I walked up to him

I'm good and you?

So much drama, come on in lets go to the kitchen. I said

No I was actually here to get lukes stuff, but I can come over later. He said

Yea um sure. I said

While cal was getting lukes stuff I walked out to the back and sat outside and texted Luke


B: hey Luke why is cal getting your stuff and not you

L: I feel embarrassed after you told me to stop so I'm staying at cal house

B: don't be embarrassed, I'm embarrassed please come back you told me you would.

L: yea maybe I'll talk to you later I gtg I'm driving

B: okay bye😔

I walked back inside to my room and just sat in the bed and watched Netflix on the T.V, ding, it was the doorbell I walked downstairs and opened the door to see Matt

Hey Matt!

Hey bell can I stay for a while?

Yea sure.

We walked into the kitchen, and started talking, he ended up kissing me I kissed him back it has been a while since I kissed his he grabbed my waist, and I put my arms around his neck. Until Luke walked in and saw us, he walked out and I let go and ran after him

Luke wait I'm sorry please stay I love you.! I said

Luke came walking back and said

You always say you love me and you were kissing Matt, I know you like him and you don't love me anymore bell I feel upset now. He said

I'm sorry please.

Matt walked out and got in his car and drove away, I ran to Luke and grabbed his arm and turned him around and kissed him he grabbed my waist, and I put my arms around his neck, I tugged at his hair, and I jumped up on him and he carried me inside into the living room where their were blankets, and you know what happened afterwords, we made love that day, I saw a Blanket around us and him hugging me.

Hey Luke

Hey bell

I had an amazing night btw.

Me to bell, hey bell does this mean we're okay and we can get back together.

Yes it does meant that.

I got up and put his shirt on and walked upstairs, he put the blanket around his waist, and also walked upstairs, when we got into my room I took out sweatpants and a hoodie and got changed into it but I first put on my bra and underwear, I left the room and walked downstairs and got his underwear, pants, shirt, and shoes, I picked up my stuff afterwords, when I got upstairs he was sitting down, I put our stuff down and he got up and put on his boxers, and his pants and, then laid down.

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