Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


31. party time

****** 2 years later*******

Mom, mom, wake up, today is the day.

Sweetie get off of my bed and stop jumping!!! I know I know today is your quincerra, it 2 hours, crap start getting ready Jes,

K, mom where is my dress

In my closet get your shoes to

K, hey mom I thought about it and I want Ashton to go and do the dance with me

Are u sure Jessica?

Yea I'm sure

Calling Ashton

Hey Ashton meet me at my house in 1 hour, get dressed in a tux and hurry

Okay bye

I took a shower and when I was done Jessica was dressed she looked gorgeous I had no time to say she looked pretty so I walked into my room I put on the black tight strapless dress, with my black pumps, I went to my make-up area and put eye liner, mascara, blush, and red lipstick, I took out the straightener and the curler, I straightened my hair and curled the bottom parts well the tips of my hair and I was ready.

Mom lets go

I'm coming relax

I got my phone, purse, and car keys, and I didn't notice that Ashton was there he was talking to Jessica I got to the living room and said

You guys ready?

I'm ready said Jes

I'm ready said Ashton

We got to the place and lots of people started to arrive, it was a big party I saw Cameron here and not Jordan I walked up to Jessica and said

Why is Cameron here and not Jordan?

Mom I broke up with Jordan and don't remind me I'm trying to have fun

Okay sweetie the dance is coming up in 20 minutes

I drank a little but Ashton after the dance he drank a lot, the party ended at about 2:00 am so the party was 5:00 pm - 2:00 am

Hey Ashton you want me to drop you of at your house

No I want to stay at your house


We got inside and I had to walk him upstairs and Jessica just ran to her room got into her pjs and fell asleep, Ashton took of his shirt and pants and laid down I got into shorts and a sports bra, he hugged me and he said

I love you bell

Ashton POV

I love you bell

I was so freaked out when I said that because I knew she wouldn't say it back she just hugged me back and I was happy

She started to kiss me and I kissed her back I licked her bottom lip for entrance and she let me we started to kiss a lot she got up and took of her bra and laid back down she pulled down my boxers and I pulled down her shorts then her underwear she got on top of me and I went into her, I started going quicker and quicker and I was about to come she was moaning, and I came, we laid back down and we put the covers over us and fell asleep

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