Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


21. just stop

What you can't get full custody we should get joint-custody Ashton said FINE I said angrily

Where is she I want to have her on Mondays Tuesdays and wensday you can have her Thursday Friday and Saturday and Sunday since she came out of u I said fine, it's Monday I will buy her some clothes so just give me three dresses with three pairs of shoes and underwears I said here u go and they left I called Calum and said are you dating someone he said no! I said wanna hang out, sure by the way Michael is dating Roxy so I'm only single ok I said lets meet at the dinner place at 8 so u have 50 min to get ready and 50 minutes to get there he said ok.

I took a 20 min shower and then dried and straightened my hair which took 10 min I got a skinny black dress with black high heels and that took me 10 minutes to get ready I only have 10 more minutes before I go, I need to do my makeup I put mascara, then lipstick, and blush, and my hoop earrings, and I had 5 mins to get my car keys, purse, and get into my car I went running down the stairs got my purse, my car keys, and got in the car, and I started driving I got there on time I saw him in a black suit and black dress shoes and he was at a table already I said I was with him then they took me to the table and I said hey cal and he got up and pulled my chair out then I sat down and then when we were about to order I got a phone call and I told cal to hold on one sec he said of course and it was Ashton calling from the hospital OMG Ashton I'm on my way I hung up

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