Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


44. it's okay

I opened the door to matts house, I closed the door behind me and walked upstairs, when I got upstairs I straightened my hair and put it in a one tail, then I changed into my pjs, grey sweatpants, black Sports bra, and lukes grey sweater. Ding I walked downstairs and opened the door and it was cal.

Can I come in? Cal had said

Yea come in. While I said that he walked in and I closed the door behind him

Bell, just talk to him, he is a complete mess, and I can't deal with that I like you bell, but I couldn't do that to Luke, I'm sorry.

It's okay, I guess I'll try to talk to him, but this is for you cal. I got up and got him his gift and gave it to him.

It was a nirvana muscle tee, with black sweatpants. I said

Do u like them?

Yea thank you. As he said that he got up and walked outside and closed the door, I just walked upstairs, I heard a big noise upstairs, so I put on my ugg boots and ran downstairs, open the door and saw cal's car their crashed, I ran out the door, and not only was it cal it the car it was Luke I opened the car door, and called 911 I saw that only person woke up.

It was Luke who got up and out of the car, I said

What happened, what happened? While I said that I fell to the ground crying.

He turned on the engine, and started to drive and a car came out of nowhere and hit the car, but no-one was in their. As he said that he got on the ground and sat next to me.

I got up and ran to cal. He was bleeding from his face all over, I was scared.

Cal please wake up. I had said

The ambulance came with their sirens and got cal out of the car, and out him in a wheelie bed, then put him in the trunk. They said no one could go in the truck with him so I ran to my car and Luke followed.

I turned on the engine and started crying.

Can you drive? I said to Luke

He nodded his head yes and we switched sides I was curled up, on the seat. Everything was quiet until Luke said

It's okay, your fine, why are you crying so much. He said while he parked the car and turned of the engine.

I didn't reply we walked into the hospital, and walked to the receptionist I said

Where's Calum hood?

I'm sorry no-one can see him till he wakes up from his coma. The receptionist said

I walked over to a chair and fell on the ground, and started tearing up. Luke walked over and said

Why are u crying he is gonna be fine relax. While he said that he sat back down.

You don't understand the last time I was here was when I lost- never mind. After I said that I got up and walked to the other side.

I couldn't tell him I lost our baby here, and I lost rocky here, he only thought I had Jessica, and Daniella as my kids.

Bell, what did you lose here, we'll go to the lost & found. After he said that I got up and said this

I didn't lost something, I lost two people here.

Who? if you don't tell me I can't help you I started to tear up and said

Rocky, mine and Ashton's kid the first kid I had I saw her for four years then she died, and our b-b-baby. After I said that I ran to the bathroom and sat on the floor near the bathroom, Luke walked up to me crying, and grabbed my hand and said

Why didn't you tell that baby was my baby to, it's not fair you got to see her and I couldn't- I cut him if by saying

She died inside of me. I cried even more, and more.

He picked me up and hugged me, he grabbed me by the waist, but I pushed away, and whispered

I'm still mad at you. I had said and walked away

Calum hood family. The doctor said

Yes what's wrong?. I said

You can go back home, he is gonna be here for awhile come back in 2 days and we will catch you up on what happens.

Okay I grabbed my phone (iPhone 6s rose gold) and Car keys, and walked outside, and Luke followed, I gave him the keys, we both got in the car he sat in the car without turning the engine on.

Bell I know your upset, but don't you want to talk about ki- I cut him of by saying


When we got to matts place I walked in, and ran straight up to my room, I just laid there curled up in a ball crying.


I got into the house and walked upstairs I heard crying I walked into Bella's room, when she saw me she ran up to me and hugged me.

What happened Bella?

Cal got into a car crash. She said crying into my shirt

Then what happened?

I told Luke what happened with Rocky, and baby I lost in my stomach that was mine and his. She said crying even harder in my shirt

Bell I'm going on tour for 5 months I have to go now but call me text me FaceTime me.

She walked to the bed, and sat their I walked into my room took my luggages, and walked downstairs, Luke came walking up to me and said

Don't go she needs you right now more then ever.

Luke she doesn't need me, she needs you.

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