Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


18. is it true? Are u really!! OMG so cute!!

I felt really sick after Ashton left I mean I actually threw up the pancakes 🍜I went to go make soup after but nothing I threw that up to. I texted Ashton saying I was gonna go to the doctors to get a check-up and he said ok call me if anything I said of course. I called a cab and I waited 10 minutes and honk honk the taxi man was outside I went to the cab and I said to premier care please and when we got there he said $5 I said so cheap he said u look pale I have to I went walking in and they assisted me quick the doctor, dr.Mendel said did u get your period?

I said No and they did a sonagram on me and said your pregnant I said omg and then I went home but walking instead of calling a cab and waiting when I got home I saw Calum in the kitchen and I said did we do it that day cause my clothes were of he said yea we did I said omg do u know I'm pregnant he said we used protection though I said ok good leave now and he left... Ashton babe yea he replied come to the kitchen please babe he replied coming he was in the kitchen and said what do u need? I said I'm...pregnant he was so shocked that he carried me to the bed a started kissing me and screaming yes yes yes we're gonna have a kid yes yes yes I can't believe it then we laid down and fell asleep.

9 months gone by

The next morning Ashton was gone and I was on the couch downstairs how the heck did I get there? Ashton came back in and said why are u down here? I said I was down here already... Can u pass me my phone Ashton? Sure babe... U have 20 messages already what happened babe nothing ash I'm gonna go eat breakfeast ok said Ashton... I got an orange and sat on the counter with some orange juice to but Ash replaced it with some bread and coffee 🍞☕️ and I ate it all Ashton took his eye of me for 5 minutes and i was collapsed on the floor he called 911 immediately because he was scared about the baby and me... When the ambulance got there they assisted me so quick and checked on the baby first and asked why my stomach was huge and why water was coming down me? And they said I was in labor and then hours later the baby was out it was a pretty girl and i named it rocky from my favorite show shake it up... She was so cute 2 days later I took her home with ash and we had a nice time.

Years had passed by and she is 4 years old

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