Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


23. I'm sorry not again


Why does this always happen he always ends up sleeping here and it's weird I just got up put on some shorts and a shirts and went down and someone knocked that door and I got scared it was cal....hey cal it's a really bad time to come we can go out to eat tonight ok said cal I went walking to the counter and started thinking wait do I like Ashton or do I like cal I would never betray Ashton, hey babe, hey Ashton, get of the counter bell, ok don't I'm safe, I'm gonna go take a shower Ashton, ok, I went to go take a hot 20 min shower when I got out I was walking to my bedroom right when I see Ashton with his head in his hands I walked into the room....Hey Ashton what's wrong? YOU THATS WHATS WRONG.... I just can't believe you would do that with my friend, I saw the messages bell don't act dumb.,.

That's when my heart stopped beating, I said ash what did I it say, wanna hangout, my heart sank even more.... But that just means that he wanted to go somewhere fun then I was in the dress cause I had an important meeting for roc--- he cut me of saying why would you betray me I'm leaving make a baby yourself that's when my heart sank down, and felt like the world would end I went to my wardrobe, and took out skinny ripped black jeans, with a white crop top, and black boots, and i sat in my make up area and did my make up the casual blush, Lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara and I was done but now my hair was a mess I got my straightener, and curler I straightened my hair, then curled the tips of my hair... I was walking downstairs and I had this memory in the living room it was when it was my birthday party....

I walked into Rocky's and sat down and started crying I put my head in my hands and was crying so much I didn't hear someone come in cause they had a key Ashton walked up the stairs and went into Rocky's and saw me there and sat down on her bed and he sat their smiling but he also came to me and said its ok, no it's not WE LOST ROCKY, all because of my stupid habit, what do u mean she fell down the stairs, and she had a heart attack, bell...Bella don't worry you gonna have a baby one day with someone else that someone wanted to be you we make cute ones and I still....LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Bell I do to but I'm drifting away I'm so sorry I'm just done can't we be friends, GET out ash, bell, bell....

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