Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


42. Hey

Hey bell

What's up Luke

I'm sorry... I had sex with Jane I'm so sorry

I got up and got to my drawers and pulled out a black and white striped crop top with black ripped jeans and black high heel boots, I went to the bathroom and changed and packed a bag that had my pj and phone, purse, and charger, Laptop, and make-up I walked downstairs I got my car keys and threw stuff on the floor even glass and drove away, I ended up going to matts house.

He already knew what happened, so he opened the door and I walked upstairs and laid on my bed, and Matt knocked on the door and said

Bell I'm making dinner so I'm making pasta, and lasagna, I'll wake u up when it's ready, get some rest.

Okay Matt.

I called cal



Hey cal get my stuff out of my bathroom and clothes and bring me it at matts house I don't want to see Luke so bring it quick bye

Bye bell

Later that night Matt called me down and said its dinner time

I walked down and we are and talked, ding

I'll get it Matt

Okay Bella

I opened the door and saw cal he gave me a hug then I noticed Luke in the car, cal gave me my luggage and cal said

If u want to go back to your place Luke is staying at my house so

I'm fine I'm gonna stay here

Do I want to go to brunch with me please?

Yea sure pick me up at 10:00 in the morning

Okay bye bell

I walked upstairs and opened my luggage but realized it was lukes I started to cry and hug his stuff, knock, knock

Come in

Hey cal said to bring down the luggage and he is inside he hurt himself I'm giving him ice, so u would have to put that luggage in his car and get yours out


I walked downstairs and walked out and ran to his car since I forgot to put on a sweater since I was in sweatpants and a sports bra I put lukes luggage back and got mine back, I opened it and saw a gift I pulled it out and put in my pockets, someone behind me said


I turned around and saw Luke I pulled my luggage and ran inside and dropped in my room, and started to cry I pulled the gift out and it said "sorry forgive me", I walked downstairs and opened the door and threw the gift at Luke and walked into the kitchen and said

You did this on purpose you didn't hurt yourself u wanted me to see Luke, you also knew he put a gift in my luggage, u also switched the luggage.


I'm sorry cal it's still on right?

Yea I'll see u at 10. As he said that he walked out and closed the door.

I ran upstairs and fell asleep.

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