Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


8. happy and weird ending

Today was my birthday and that's when the band sang to me they decided to call the band 5 seconds of summer I said that's a great name to call the band and Ashton was happy to be famous I was surprised that Matthew came to visit but that's when Ashton punched him it was really weird though I guess Ashton haven't recovered yet from him being rude but it was funny.

I can't believe iam going to say this but Ashton is strong and handsome but that day got stranger, Natalie got married to Luke I was so suprised because the next day was mine and Ashton's wedding and they were happy too, but Michel and Calum haven't gotten married but that day got even more stranger Luke quit the band we were all shocked so when everyone got upset

I talked with Natalie and said if u want to spend time with Luke go on tour with them that's how I'm with Ashton. But number 1 when did you start to date him Natalie said they were in a secret relationship that's why Luke helped me when I collapsed and now, Natalie decided that Luke will join the band again and that's what happened we went on tour with them and that's how life went then someone strange came to my house me and Ashton and everyone were shoked.

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