Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


53. goodbye


When I opened the door it was revealing Cameron I said 

I have to go do you mind 

He replied where are you going in your pjs?

I was about to go get ready to say bye to the boys their leaving for tour

Oh um can I go with you someone told me something and I want to say a little word to them 

Sure Let me get dressed 

I ran upstairs and changed into my original outfit from this morning and my make up was already done, I put on a beanie and I was ready I walked downstairs, grabbed my phone, and Cameron followed me out we walked to my car and he started talking to me 

Hey Bella, I'm sorry how the break up went, I didn't mean for my sister to tell you, guess I can't trust her anymore I'm really sorry

Cameron just shut up, okay I don't care, just be quiet for the rest of the ride 

He shut up once we got to the studio they were packing their things, I ran to them and hugged them one by one but I just gave Luke a look, I saw Daniella and I asked Ashton 

Since Jessica is in Florida, while your on tour can I please take Daniella I want her to get to know me and not think as me as a parent who left her.

 Of course Bella 

Thank you Ashton

I hugged all of them again but not Luke, Cameron gave them a high five and a bro hug, and now he is better friends with Luke. 

Hey bella can we talk 

sure Luke 

 I'm sorry how i made him breakup with you but he wrote this note for you and he wanted me to give it to you 

Thank you Luke I'm gonna be leavingnow tell the other boys I wish them luck 

okay bye Bella should I tell Cameron your leaving? 

No it's fine I'm just gonna go grab Daniella and go 

I grabbed Daniella and walked downstairs, and Cameron just gave me a confused look, and he pulled out his phone and called me

INCOMING CALL: Cameron Dallas❤️

C: hey did you read it 

b: goodbye 

I hung up and he ran out by then I started driving, once I got to my house, I let Daniella go to the living room.

INCOMING CALL: Ashton Irwin 

A: hey I'm sorry but Natalie really wants to get along with Daniella Mabye when Daniella is 10 years old she can meet you and you can explain everything to her, can you bring her back here 

B: fine bye I'll be there in 10 minutes 

By the time I got to the studio it was 5:00 pm and they were leaving at 6:00 pm so they had an hour left before they had to go I gave Daniella to Ashton and saw Cameron laying on the sofa with tears in his eyes I just walked out until someone turned me around 

Bella did you read it I need to know 

I didn't read it I'll read it later I have to go I can give you a ride to Matthews house if you want?


I gave him a ride to matts house and he got out and ran to the door, I just drove to my house, once I got in I walked to the bathroom and this was the routine I always did, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, took a shower, combed my hair, took of all my make up, put on acne treatment, waited 10 minutes, took of acne treatment, then lastly changed into my pjs that was my routine for night time, I walked in to my bed room, and just laid on my bed I grabbed my phone and saw something behind my case, I took my case off and the note was right their I opened the note and it read 


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