Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


55. forgiveness

Why? Bell

Because everything we went through, I love you with all my heart but you call me a whore and a slut and I can't except that.

I'm guessing you didn't understand the note, what I meant by that is I don't care what happened in your past, you don't look like a whore or slut or Thot to me, your a beautiful angel, my beautiful angel, one ques---

I cut him of my kissing his sweet, soft lips he kissed me back, and in between each his he said I love you, we walked to the waiting room of the hospital, while he intertwined our fingers together, I have never been more happy we sat down and he just stared at me while I was on my phone, until I noticed him staring

What are you looking at?

At you.

Do I have something on it?

Yea right on your lips let me get of

He kissed me, and I kissed back it was until the doctor came out I rushed to her and said

Any updates of Luke yet

Yes there is Mrs.Hemmings, he has woken up and is in recovery tomorrow you can come back and then you can go in and talk to him.

Okay thank you

I saw Cameron's face upset

Babe you okay?

No I'm not I'm jealous

Why cam there is nothing you should be jealous about

There is why do they keep calling you Mrs.Hemmings

I don't know I was never married to him

Okay let's go home

My home?

Our home

What do you mean?

I bought a house, and I moved all of your stuff there, and mine

Where is it? Let's go

It's 88 arleigh road, and it's a modern house and there are four rooms a big basement, a family room, dining room, big kitchen, and our room the master bedroom.

The drive was silent, and then I just had to ask this question

When are you leaving for the tour again cause I don't want to sell my house, so when your gone I don't want to feel lonely, and cal will at least be living there in my house.

Glad you asked I'm leaving for Europe in 5 days

I was okay with it but upset to, we walked into the house and went to our bedroom and cuddle together. Then fell asleep

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