Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


45. forgiveness


After Matt said that I walked into his house, and closed the door, then ran upstairs to Bella's room. I opened the door and she was their crying, and curled up in a ball. She got up and asked

What are you doing here?

I told Matt why he was leaving and he said that you need me more then ever.

No I don't. She said while tearing up and walking towards the bedroom door.

I grabbed her arm and said

You do need me more then ever, bell you need to forgive and move on, I still love you I'm sorry for everything I didn't mean to do that, but you just have to say one word which it okay, don't hold back all these tears bell, when you left the room you didn't cry, you just broke things, bell I know you miss my hugs and kisses, and talking to you, making you laugh, bell come on forgive me already.

After I said that all to her she sat on the floor and started crying, before I walked to here she said

Okay, I forgive you...

I walked up to her picked her up, and hugged her, this time she hugged back I was so happy, she put her head on my chest, and just cried on my shirt, I carried her to the bed and we laid their, she faced the wall, and I was holding her by her waist. Then pulled her closer so there was no space in between us.

I quietly got up after 20 minutes and walked to cal's house and changed to a light blue button down, black skinny jeans, and black vans, with a beanie. Then just laid on the bed in the guest room of his house.


I woke up seeing that Luke left but I didn't care I forgave him but I don't know if I will love him the same way again, I got up, walked to the bathroom and took a shower, when I got out I went to the luggage and picked out black ripped skinny jeans with a white crop top, black high heel boots, leather jacket, and a beanie. I walked into the bathroom with my make-up set, and put on red lipstick, black eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and that was it, I took out my straightener, then straightened my hair, I forgot I never told you guys what my hair looked like its brown hair with dirty blond ombré. I didn't curl my hair today I brushed my teeth, then walked downstairs and took out a granola bar, ding I walked to go open the door it was Luke

Yes Luke what do you want? I said

I want food.

Luke go buy food.

No I'm not hungry I just ate, wanna hang out here.

Sorry Luke I have to go visit cal sorry.

Cal isn't your number one priority.

Yea but he is my best friend.

How? If you guys don't even hang out. He asked

when me and Ashton got divorced, things changed cal liked me and I liked him back, we went out a couple of times which meant we dated, u till I realized I couldn't do that to Ashton.

He isn't your best friend, he's your ex.

After Luke said that he got up from the chair, and walked towards the door I grabbed his arm, then turned him around

And kissed him, our lips moved in sync, and he pushed me up against the wall and grabbed the bottom of my butt, and picked me up, I wrapped my leg around his waist and he grabbed my waist with one hand, but touching my bare stomach since I was wearing a crop top, he carried me upstairs, without breaking the kiss, he pushed my door open and closed it behind him he pushed me on the bed, I got on my knees, he was talking of my shirt while I took of his belt, after he took of my shirt, he pushed me on the bed so he was on top of me, I pulled down his pants, and his shoes and socks were already of I pulled of my shoes, and he pulled down my pants, which left me in my undergarments, and Luke in his boxers, he pulled down my underwear, and I pulled down his boxers, I moaned Luke, stop he sat down, and I sat on his lap grinding on his lap, he touched my back and pull of my bra and started squeezing my boobs, his crotch was inside of my V already, and started thrusting back and forth he started slowing down and moaning I'm coming, I'm coming, he then cummed inside of me, and stopped.

We laid down, and after we just had sex he told me for the second time

I had sex with Jane while you were mad with me

I got up grabbed me clothes and changed in the bathroom, I grabbed my straightener, and straightened my hair in the bathroom, brushed my teeth, did my make-up again, and this time fixed my eyebrows, I walked into the bedroom and put in my shoes, my leather jacket, and my beanie and started walking downstairs, and something scared me.

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