Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


17. do u love me? are u sure?

That morning when I woke up I saw Ashton sleeping it was really cute and I went downstairs for a banana and orange juice and I sat downstairs on the table counter and then Ashton came down all dressed for a funeral I said where are u going he said to my parents funeral I was right he was gonna go to a funeral but I didn't think his parents funeral...he left...2 hours later I was dressed in a fine skinny short dress with my eye glasses and black heels and ready to leave until Ashton saw me leave and come running up and saying do u love me? I said of course!! And I left Ashton kept calling me but I kept driving and never answered him I stopped driving right when

I got there mine and Ashton's old house everyone was shocked to see me they saw that I moved from old time to classy I went in and remebered all the memories...I started to cry a bit but then I left to the club that was close by. I got to the club and I found the most cutest guy ever I got out and partied with him he had a mask on but then in the morning I saw I was in Calums house omg did we do it? What is Ashton gonna say? ASHTON!!!! I have to go home I ran out and started driving home and when I got there I saw Calum pull out of the driveway and Ashton all happy what happened? Calum told me that u drank to much and he took u to his house then left to a motel so he wouldn't disturb u.

😃I said thank goodness. I went upstairs took a shower and got dressed into a stripped black and white crop top and shorty shorts and Ashton was happy to see that I sat on the counter because he was cooking some pancakes that are gonna be awesomely delicious... After he made them he picked me up and put me down on a chair I ate the pancakes then I went to go brush my teeth again then do my make-up then Ashton left to go to practice with the boys then to the mets game he is gonna come back sore haha

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