Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


61. chapter 61


I walked out of there mad and not upset but mad I needed to break things before I got in my car I heard a loud scream saying 'I LOVE YOU JESSICA, GOO-

I ran inside the house and into her room I saw her laying there pale I tried waking her up nothing worked I put her in my car and rushed her to the hospital and they took her in and that was the last time I saw here that day the doctors haven't even come out to give me some updates I was freaking out this was all of my fault if I told her the truth before we got married then we wouldn't be in this situation right now I would be home with Sierra and Sierra yelling at me for making the biggest mistake and Bella wouldn't be here she has been here so many times because of me and I take the blame for everything, Jessica and Blake walked in and I explained everything to them Jessica burst out into tears and fell on the floor.

'Family members of Bella Dallas'

Yes I'm her husband

She is going to pull through but it looked like she starved herself without water and food so we are getting her to eat and drink water when I come back I'll let one of you guys at different times come in to check on her

Okay thank you for the updates

I sat down and cried and cried Jessica even told me to 'calm down its not my fault' but I couldn't tell her about the divorce but it looks like I'm going to have to.

Jessica come here please

What's up dad?

I cheated on your mom and now we are getting a divorce I'm sorry Jessica but hey at least we will get some time alone without your mom

What makes you think I'm going to be with you, my mom could've died because of your cheating-ass get out of here you dumb prick

Jessica I said I was sorry it was a mistake and it didn't mean anything she is just upset that she lost the baby

What the fuck why doesn't anyone want to me anything, after she said that she walked over to Blake and hugged him and cried the doctor came out 2 hours later saying that I could go in but I decided not to so Sierra went in instead


I walked into Bella's room and she was there eating and drinking a lot of water I sat down and she said

Hey Sierra umm I guess Cameron told you everything.

No he didn't what happened Bella you could've lost your baby

Well it's to late Sierra that's why I starved my myself because the baby had died already and I couldn't anymore then Cameron came and told me he cheated on me with some girl in 5th harmony named Lauren and then he left and I couldn't breathe anymore

Cam-cam-Cameron cheated on you bell

Yea I guess every guy I'll ever like will cheat on me because I'm boring I had sex with Cameron for a while month when we got engaged and when we first started dating

Can I let Cameron come in to talk to you bell I mean it's your choice Bella

I don't care if he comes in it won't change my mind in getting a divorce

Okay I'm gonna go get him


as Sierra walked out I turned around to pretend to sleep because I wanted to hear what he had to say while not trying to cry, he walked in and sat down next to me and said

"Bella, I know your probably won't hear this but I love you with all my heart and I didn't cheat on you she got in my bed and started to kiss me and it was a reflex to kiss her back I'm honestly so sorry but nothing is gonna stop me from being there for you"

I turned around and opened my eyes and said

"I-I-I just don't know why you wouldn't tell me the truth instead you let me belive that you cheated on me which hurt me a lot I can live with this pain anymore, I'm just gonna move out of-"

"Your gonna come live with me please say yes"

"You didn't let me finish I'm gonna move out of the rosewood house and put everything in 2 lodge and move out of arleigh, and put it in 2 lodge, I almost missed going to practice all the time just because of you but now I'm free just let me be"

"Bella you know I can't do that, give me one more chance and I'll make it up to you"

"Cameron I would but your leaving in 3 weeks to the tour and I'm not gonna stop you"

"Give me three weeks Bella"


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