Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton



Bella's pov

im so hurt I just wanna die now he doesn't love me anymore and Matt is pissed at me rocky died what am I gonna do, I'm gonna text Luke and Natalie in a group chat

group chat 

luke & Natalie 

I love you guys so much I will miss you I don have Micheals number so can u tell him I will miss you but I'm gonna be with rocky again 😿 goodbye 

                           ~ Bella Hamilton 

goodbye world and trail thoughts 

I screamed in the bathroom I LOVE YOU ASHTON I looked for some pills and I drank & with liquor and I fell all I heard was Ashton and Natalie and Luke screaming open Bella open... And that was it😵 

Where am I? Am I in heaven? No your in the hospital Mrs.Irwin, Oh where is Ashton, Natalie, and Luke, they are in the hall Mrs.Irwin, it's Bella Hamilton can u please send in Natalie Hemmings , sure I will send her in and you are going home today and your friend luke and Natalie will be staying with you let me help you up, thank you so much for helping me Dr.Sweetie, no problem Bella oh and before I forget you have a doctor appointment on June 25th so in 2 days, ok thank you doctor can I go home now, Ya go home bye Bella, bye, I got home by noon and I just went straight to Rockys room and Luke went to go get me out of the room and took me to my room I feel terrible WHY ROCKY I screamed why I said softly after and I fell asleep

***********2 years passed********im 24 tmw******

I woke up strangely I went to go take a shower I nice hot one then I went walking to my room and went to my wardrobe and took out a black dress with black wedges and went to my make up area... Red lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and I went walking down the stairs and I saw cal with a baby in his hands I said HOLY CRAP I HAD A BABY WITH CAl and he said no it's Ashton's with you her name is Jessica and she is 2 years old wow I was shocked I thought ash didn't want a baby with me anymore, hey babe come sit down here and hug your daughter, hold on I'm gonna go take a shower and get dressed, New Text Message


Matt-hey wanna comeover

Bella-hey Matt sure I will come over see u in 2 hours

Matt- sure ok

Bella-I want to show u a surprise

Matt- ok

I was walking upstairs and I got my towel and went walking to the bathroom and turned on warm water and got undressed and got in the shower after 20 minutes I got out put on my towel and Walked to my room and I didn't notice that cal was inside so when I got in I locked the door since I was going to change and I took of my towel and got my underwear on, and my bra, I put on black ripped skinny jeans, and white crop top, with black boots and then cal got up and said hey bell I screamed so loud that ash came running up the stairs the unlocked my room and saw me in the corner and cal getting undressed, babe come here, no I'm scared to go past cal, so Ashton pulled cal out of the room dragged him down the stairs and kicked him out of the house and locked the door I went walking to my make-up area put on lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara, and I got my hair straighter, and curl iron, and straightened my hair, then curled the tips I got up and I went walking downstairs....

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