Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


13. bad luck

Texting him back saying.... STOP ok this is getting annoying so stop, I decided to leave my phone on the coffee table and went to go take a hot shower and listen to music I put hot water instead of warm so the hot water could relax my muscles. An hour later I got out and put on my towel and opened the bathroom door and started walking towards my bedroom right when Ashton walks in and bumps in to me, looking embarrassed to even look at me, I said what you can't look at me but you sure can see that others women body. He replied I'm dating her and you better not have a problem with that I said whatever it doesn't matter just leave my house Ashton.


Why did i say that I hurt her feelings and I told her what do you mean this is my house not yours she said it's mine you live in a different house not this one Ashton so leave me alone I was hurt but I didn't want to tell her the truth so I went on with that lie and it hurt me so much I didn't eat for days or drink anything just waiting for her to text me all I did was check Twitter and Instagram and snapchat....later that day I check Instagram I saw a picture of her saying that she was gonna move out of town from a lot of problems that's when I jumped up and when I was walking down the driveway and getting closer to her house I fainted and the last time I remember was failing hard down in the concrete sidewalk in front of her house....


Later that day I was waiting for Ashton to txt me saying please don't move or come yell at me not to move but he never came I decided to take a walk I put on my van sneakers and put on a crop top and shorts and got my house keys and my wallet, when I was walking down the driveway I saw a person at first I thought it was someone pulling a prank so I went running down the driveway....and once I got there I saw.....ASHTON I was so scared I called 911 and they came right away and I went in the ambulance truck with Ashton I was so scared he was....dead. We got to the hospital and they were checking on him 24/7 2 days later he woke up I was so happy but since I knew he woke up I decided to leave and call his girlfriend but it looks like he still had me under girlfriend so I just waited.

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