Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


28. are u sure?

Ashton: hey bell you okay I haven't seen u in a long time?

Ashton: Bella what's wrong?

Bella: i was taking a shower relax!! I'm fine!! Where is the child support?

Ashton: I'm sending it!!! Can I come over?

Bella: When?

Ashton: Tonight!!!

Bella: FINE!!!

Ashton: see u later!!

Bella: bye


After I saw that I said yes for him to come tonight I ran upstairs to my room to change into beautiful clothes a crop top and black shorty shorts with some sandels I just bought and I walked to my make-up area and put on red lipstick, and mascara, and eye liner, and blush, and I was ready. When I turned around I saw this tall guy wearing black skinny jeans, black vans, and a nirvana t-shirt with a beanie

Omg you scared me Ashton

Sorry bell and sorry I can earlier I just had to see you

So what do u want to do?

Wanna cuddle with me bell?



You know what sure then!

Are u sure?

I'm sure!!

We walked to my bed and he laid down first then I laid down but we just laid there and did nothing I thought he would hug me but he didn't so I decided to say

Is this cuddling?


Then why aren't we cuddling?

He then grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him, we laid there with him hugging me tight and I turned around and our lips were 2 centimeters away when I lean in and I start to kiss him our lips moved in motion and nothing could stop us, until he started going to far, and he started to kiss my neck, I had to stop him so I tried pushing away, I just got up and was standing there and Ashton said

What happened!?

You went to far and I'm not going that far with you!!


He left running out of the door and running outside and got in his car and he left. I didn't know what just happened, but I was really sorry about what happened


Yea mom

Wanna go to the park?

Sure mom let me just get dressed

Okay I will meet you downstairs

(Jessica was already 13 years old)

She came down wearing black skinny jeans, black converse, and a flower shirt with her hair tied up and she had some mascara on and light red lipstick

Are you ready to go?


We got in the car and we drove to the park

***skips ride to the park***

Mom dad is here

Wait what!!

He is over there sitting on that bench

She went running so fast to him and she hugged him like she has never seen him

Jessica wait!!!

I walked over there and tried to not dirty my new sandels I got there and say next to Ashton and held his hand

Hi ash

Hey bell

Jessica can u let me and your dad talk for a little

Sure thing mom

So what happened ash? Why did u leave me?

Bell I'm really sorry!!!

What happened?

With a worried look on my face


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