Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


59. again

It's been a month, and Cameron and I are getting married next week I hope nothing messes up, cause I just want to be married already

I took a shower, and got dressed I dressed in black shorts, white crop-top, and black sandals, I filled in my eyebrows and I was done Jessica was over at Blake's place, and Cameron went out, I left to the studio which was just 10 minutes away I got to the studio, and the boys were laughing and goofing around, when I noticed Cameron was there, he lied he said he was gonna go do wedding stuff, when I saw him i walked back downstairs and left, none of the noticed I sat in my car and called Cameron


C: hey what's up bell

B: I'm going to the studio, I'm about to leave I'm just telling you so you don't worry that I'm not home

C: oh um okay I'm almost done with the wedding stuff I'll meet you down there in 10

B: bye

C: bye love you

B: yea okay bye

I walked inside the studio and saw Cameron nervous that I was about to show up they all got quiet when they saw me and Cameron turned around and said

I made it earlier

Really it's funny Cameron because I walked in here 4 minutes ago then I called you, and I saw you guys goofing around are you seriously gonna start lying to me, out of all my relationships they never lied to me so now I know how it feels

As I said that he walked out embarrassed I just sat on the sofa and took the ring off, and left it on the coffee table, I started to cry and Luke came up to me and hugged me then left running out, I just laid down and cried, I decided to leave since all of them left running outside, I saw them carrying someone upstairs but I didn't care and I saw Luke had a bruise on his face and his knuckles were bleeding, I walked up to him as he sat on the front steps, and said

What happened? Luke are you okay?

I'm so sorry I was mad and it just happened he made you cry

What are you talking about Luke?

You didn't see Cameron?

No what happened?

They took him upstairs

I'm gonna go check out what happened

Alright you can smack or yell at me afterwords.

Okay Luke I'm not gonna do that

I walked upstairs and was kinda scared I saw the boys rushing back and forth with ice and paper, and band-AIDS, I moved Ashton out of the way and saw Cameron he was bleeding from his nose, forming bruises on his stomach and under his eye, he has cuts all over his arm, I couldn't help it I cried and he said

D-don't worry baby, I-I'll be O-okay the boys got it

I cried and cried and walked downstairs and just ignored Luke I got in my car and went over to blake's and took them both to the studio and once Jessica saw Cameron she ran over to him and started crying look walked over and cried a little bit and hugged Jessica, kissed her on the forehead and she ran over to me and then hugged me, I cried my eyes out and just couldn't Luke came walking upstairs and walked towards me and I punched him, then he fell on the floor then I kicked him and said


I'm sorry Bella

I walked out and Jessica, Blake walked out with me I took them to the house and they went into Jessica's room and he stayed over, I fell asleep in the living room and I woke up to the boys, Sierra, the Magcon boys walking in with Cameron i got up and ran to Cameron and hugged him he kissed me and said

I'm okay, baby I'm really sorry I lied I should've said the truth, but don't be sad I have some news that's why I brought the boys and Sierra over, HEY BLAKE GET OVER HERE

we all sat down and I sat down on his lap while Jessica sat down on Blake lap, Cameron said

I'm sorry guys but once I get married with Bella I'm not gonna be going on tour anymore, I'll be with Bella because, do you wanna say why Bella

Of course, I'm pregnant I have been for 1 week already

Omg I'm going to be a sister Jessica had said

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