Life is worth living

Everything changes for one girl that name is Bella Hemming's, or now Mabye Bella Dallas, or Mabye just her name Bella Hamilton


29. again!!!

I..I want you to marry me!!

No I can't in sorry but I have to go im really sorry

Jessica you want to stay with your dad or come home with me

I'll go home with you

Okay let's go

We got home around 5:30 and I walked in to see Luke sitting there with Ashton and Luke crying and Ashton was pulling his hair back, I wonder what was happening,

Luke are u okay?


What happened

Natalie broke my heart

How did she?

She cheated on me

With who?

Who else!!

Who cal, or mikey


Ashton is that true?

I'm sorry bell

Just please listen to me

You asked me to marry u ash what the hell were u thinking

Let's go Luke

Okay bell

I grabbed Jessica and Luke and we went out to eat and we stayed at hotel everyone had their own room, ring ring ring

Hello? Who is this?

It's luke I was wondering if u and Jessica wanted to go eat again today...

Sure Luke we will meet you downstairs at 10


It was 9 so me and Jessica had an hour to get dressed I took at quick shower first and while Jessica took at shower, I got my straightener, and my curling iron, and my hair dryer, I dried my hair first, the straightened my hair, then curled the tips of my hair, I left all of my items on the table cause I knew that Jessica would use it, next I went to my make-up kit and went to a mirror I put red lipstick, mascara, eye-liner, and eye shadow, when I was done with my make-up I went to my bag and took out black skinny jeans, my bra and underwear, and my white crop top, and black boots, I got dressed and Jessica was done already with her hair and make-up. She got dressed in a black tank top with a plaid shirt well a cover up, and black jeans, and black converse. We were ready!!.

It was 10 we got our phones and walked out and we saw Luke ready in the same clothes as yesterday,

Hey Luke said in a warming voice

Hey, where are we gonna go eat?

I thought maybe we go back to your place today?

Umm sure I guess your more heart broken then me I see your eyes swollen

Let's go now please

Okay let's just get our bag


We got our bags and started walking to my car he started to cry and I put our bags in the car and Jessica walked in but she was listening to music so she just sat in the car and she was texting her boyfriend Jordan, but I didn't care I just talked to Luke

What happened why are you crying?

I want to love someone as much as I loved Natalie

You will love someone

But I like u as a friend

I'm sorry but I would never cheat on Ashton to get even

Okay I'm gonna go back home bell

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