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1. getting to know you👋

Who knew a plane could take so long..

moving to Australia is the break I need! Deffo after all the damage I've had this year...

Basically I'm an 18 year old girl, my mom and dad don't want anything to do with me, so I turned to a crowd of "friends" where I felt I belonged and I met this handsome, silly and goofy guy (well so I thought) named Cameron.

He made me feel special when the whole of the world didn't give a damn. But a year into the relationship if that's what you could even call it! well, he was just a jerk...

So I called it off because I didn't need this stress and I had to get away from him as he doesn't think we are over and thinks all is fine!!

anyways my grandma lives over here and she's the most spectacular woman in my life even tho I barely see her she's all I have.

Ok guys so this Is my first fic on here this is a simple intro and I promise this story will be so good I've it all planned just need a good following so I acc have a point to continue

🍭Thank you love neev 🍭

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