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2. g'day mate? 🐒

Chapter two

I knock my grandmas door for the 10000th time..

"You alright?" A curly headed boy with beautiful features called, "hi I'm Harry styles, your grandma isn't home come sit in my house if you want?" I was stranded and knew nobody so yep of course I followed this hot stranger to his house haha...

He took my hand and led me upstairs,like was he ok he doesn't know me.. "Take a seat want any food? wanna play FIFA? Was the flight long?" He said in a quick pace in nerves. "Ahaha woahh Harry calm down 😂!!" I laughed. "Sorry, it's just you're like a dream so unreal" he said, "haha what? I'm no dream trust me I'm just me", "no" he said sternly "you are perfect".

This harry guy was so strange but I couldn't help but feel amazing with him..


I was leaving to visit my gran next door. Harry pulled on my arm, I landed against his chest he leaned to my moth and whispered "I want to see you again" my whole stomach fluttered, he kissed me slowly on the Lips and I felt as though he could feel me melting in his touch. I left after as much as I wanted to stay, but gran needs me!

I knocked on my grans door age answered, we both screamed. The excitement was unreal! We hugged and hugged, I even caught Harry watching haha.

"Oh love you look so beautiful!" She says with tears in her eyes, it was all so over whelming how could such an An amazing lady produce my mother -.- "oh gran you don't know how happy I am, really"

I sat with my gran on her porch until 11pm chatting about all that's went on for four years. I was so comfortable round her and she was so accepting of me.

This day was perfect, Australia was perfect for once everything was perfect:)

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