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3. fries please

Chapter 3

I've been here a week, I've actually been avoiding Harry... I know he seems super nice but Cameron also appeared nice then turned to a freak so I'm taking no chances, I have my grandma and she is here for me and I'm here in Australia for her, not some boy.

So I took of to town to look for a job as I wanted to help grandma as she was helping me so much. I came across a cute little cafe and a girl approached me "hey I'm Danny", "hey Danny I'm looking for a Job and yea.." I was clueless lol, "yes darling!! We are hiring you start now!" She said happily. "Wow really? Thank you I will work so hard!" I over excitedly said...

So Danny put me on floor duty having to clean the floor, fun. I didn't mind as much as a got group of guys came in. Along with Harry.. "Oh hey princess" he said all smooth like, "you've been avoiding me huh?" I replied in a lie "no no I've been busy here all week" that's until Danny had to jump in and say "what! You started five minutes ago?" I was overly embarrassed Harry gave me a smirk and sat down with his friends.

"Anyways, this is Michael, Luke, niall and liam and I am king Harry, but you knew that" he said confidently. "Yes Harry" I said with a giggle "you are king"

His friends were pretty beautiful two wtf! especially little Michael he was super cute I loved his smile :) I asked Michael jokingly "does he always behave super cocky?" Michael replied "he's showing off infront of you because you're pretty and he Likes you" he said stubbornly, ok maybe Michael was in a bad mood nobody is that grumpy to a stranger..

As I sat in work Harry kept staring at me, he was good at never blinking haha, it was creepy weird I couldn't open up to him tho I wasn't ready but I admit. I like him.

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