"Fifty Shades of Revenge"

The erotic love story between Christian and Anastasia Grey. In the next few years, we find that the Grey have typical life. With 3 kids, a husband who is CEO of one of the most successful private company and wife who has taking a small publishing company from brink of failure to the country most influential publishing powerhouse. However, there are ruthless people plotting to destroy their happy life and make them pay dearly.


1. Missing Daddy

It is a beautiful day here in our home on the Sound. I can not believe that Elliot and Gia Matteo took a house that was needing a little tlc into a show stopping mansion. It has seven bedroom, six bathroom, huge kitchen that has a family room with a view of the Sound. Gia and Elliot tore down the back wall and replace it was twenty foot wall of glass door that can be folding to the wall. Outside the family room is a huge stone deck that stretch along the width of the house. I was so excite that I can open the glass door and have the smell and sound of the Sound.


I turn to the huge kitchen bar to find my three beautiful children waiting for their breakfast. Teddy,my baby boy, is running a toy car around and around. Phoebe, my second child,is talking to her favorite doll while she play with the doll's hair and Nicholas, my third child. He is 6 month old and I can not get enough of him.  He is sitting in a highchair that Grace, Christian's mother, gave me when I had my third baby shower.

It is adjustable so he can sit up to eat or lay back so he can sleep.

Nicholas can fall asleep anywhere.  He is a perfect baby. I finally gave birth the naturally instead of a cessation. I was so happy. I want to give birth naturally.  When I gave birth to Teddy and Phoebe, I has cessation that was painfully and cause me to have limit time with the babies. Christian was so doting on them. He feed them, change their diapers and play the piano so they would go to sleep. He would talk to them for hours about how he would protect, love them and make sure that they will never want for anything.

However, with Nicholas I was luckily enough to carry him to full term and had him naturally. I was wide awake when I pushed Nicholas into the world. I was able to hold him and kissed him before Christian could. I think he want to be the first to kissed the baby. He giggle all day long . You can look at him and he would start giggling.  It is the best sound I ever heard.


"I want some pancakky and egg, Mommy!" Teddy yelled.  I walked over to him and kissed his head.  

"Coming up baby boy" I said getting the pancake mix out of the cabinet. I get the egg, oil, butter, milk and water. I start pouring the pancake mix into a large bowl. I pour in the milk, water and oil and start mixing. I crack two eggs and continue to mix.  Teddy and Phoebe are licking their lips waiting for breakfast. I poured small round of batter onto the grill. I cracked four eggs into other bowl with little milk. I whisked them until they are completely mixed. 

"I hope everybody hungry this morning" as I flipped the pancakes on the grill.

"Mommy, where is daddy?" Teddy said  as he playing with his car.

Phoebe is playing with her new doll that my mother, Carla gave her. She look around the kitchen expecting Christian to come in and kissed her on her head. He come in every morning and kissed them on their head and have breakfast with them. He is strict about eating breakfast together.

However, these days, he not home much.  He has taken Grey Enterprise Holding, Inc to international level.  He buys companies that has the latest technology that support his dream of making impoverish countries stronger and substantially.  One night, while we were in bed I asked him why he was buying certain companies.

"When I was a teenager, Grace and Carrick was worry I would end up in jail or dead because I would not stopped fighting. Grace want me to experienced what the world had to offer.

I was suppose to go to museums,  visit historic sites and take in the culture.

Instead I visited some smaller countries that had nothing and I want to help them.

I walked around asking if they need help.  I end up working for several charities who work to make impoverish countries  substantially

I dug ditches  and work on hooking up water line that was destroy recently due a  fight between a dictator and drug lord.  It is hell  back breaking work. However, I enjoy it. I discover that most countries don't have a constant power grids.  Power would go on and off. You never knew when the power would go out. It was frustrating. One of the volunteer working for college credit was messing around with a these black panels attach to  small box. He kept angle it to the sun.

I asked him what he was doing.  He discover that the sun would heat up these panels and the small box would capture and produce enough energy to turn the box on. He was so excite. I was intrigue. For the next four days, I study all the data he accumulate. It was fascinating.

I never thought about using the sun for power.    My ideas of what the world was has change.

I knew I had to do something. I asked Ben, the volunteer, where he was studying at. 

"Princeton" Ben said.  

"I am at Harvard" Christian boasted. "Aren't we suppose to be enemy?

Ben laugh. "Sorry,  I don't get into school rivalry.  I am there to get the best education I can get so I can help as many people. I believe that if you go to a excellent school like Princeton, you should give back. So that what I am doing. However, my parents want me to be a business degree so I go into the family business.

"What the family business?" Christian asked curiously.

"Shipping" Ben said while collecting his notebook.

"My grandfather took a small boating company and and turn it to a large shipping company that haul cargo around the world. My dad and other three brothers run the company now. I am expect to take over the Finance. I have no interest in accounting. I want to take my knowledge of solar power and give it to impoverish countries.  My father has his own plans. "You are going to take your place in the family's company. All your brothers has commit their life to make sure the the next generation will survive. It is your heritage.  We never agree on anything.  I am going to get my degree and move to Africa or Central America so I can the poor.  My mother support me. She know how to handle my father. If it not for her, I would be working for the company."

"What  is your family business, Christian?" Ben asked.

My mother is a doctor and my dad is attorney.  They expect their children to excel in life.                           












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