"Fifty Shades of Revenge"

The erotic love story between Christian and Anastasia Grey. In the next few years, we find that the Grey have typical life. With 3 kids, a husband who is CEO of one of the most successful private company and wife who has taking a small publishing company from brink of failure to the country most influential publishing powerhouse. However, there are ruthless people plotting to destroy their happy life and make them pay dearly.


3. Deep dark vision

I am lying in bed restless. I had a wonderful evening with my kids and other family members.

Christian's family, Grace, Carrick, Mia and Elliot. My family, Carla, Bob and Ray.

Kate and Ethan. Elliot and Kate 2 year old daughter, Ava and Phoebe are best friends.

They look just alike. Almost twins. They walk around hand in hand. Teddy has three grandfathers who trying  to steal his attention. Teddy has discover that he like the outdoor. He love fishing. Ray and Bob take him fishing to local pond. Carrick is trying to teach him fly fishing but all Teddy wants to do is chase tadpole in the water.  Carrick want to be best friend with Teddy but he just to proper with him. Bob and Ray are more relax around him. Teddy runs up to Ray and jump into his arms and Ray spin him around and around.  He recovered completely form the auto accident.  The guy who hit Ray and Jose was killed in another car accident while waiting to go on trial.

The grandmothers are fighting over Nicholas.  He loves attention.

I just wish he warm up to Christian and Christian warm up to him. It will take some time.

"I talked to Christian today. He was in Istanbul, Turkey with another billionaire he met at a

conference he was speaking at."I said wearily.

"I thought he was in Rome" Grace said questionable.  She was stunned as I was.

"He met a Greek billionaire who shares his same business model and philanthropic views" I said while I put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

"He sound excite.  I just wish he had more guy friends. He will be home soon.

"Hey, Mom, can you take the kids to Disney Land next week. You can take the plane down there and stay in the resort. I think they would enjoy it." I said as I picked up Nicholas and place him in his playpen.

"Why do you want me to take the kids to Disney Land, Anna?" Carla said.

I pull her into the pantry. "I want some alone time with Christian.  It been so long, Mom.

I think it would be good for us to be alone for few days. We need to reconnect. He been gone too long.  Will you Mom?" I beg.

"Anna, I will take care of them. Yes, you do need alone time with your husband. Make sure you show your husband that you miss him and appreciate him. " Carla said as she was look at me.

"Thanks, Mom."I said hugging her.

"Anna, I been marry four times. I know what it takes to keep a marriage going strong.

Just show him what he mean to you. Everything will be fine."Carla said.

I never thought I this conversation with my mom.

The family left shortly after eight p.m. Sadly, I am home alone without Christian again.

I put the kids to bed and close the house down. I checked all the doors and windows to make sure they were lock. Since Christian been gone, I do this every night. Since been a mother,I take extra care of security  when it come to my kids.

I go back to my bedroom and look at my king sized bed and wished that Christian was here.

I crawl into my side of the bed; however, I found myself crawling on his side. I been 2 weeks since Christian slept here.  I can smell his smell. I smell so goo. I can not shake the feeling that Christian is in trouble. I am shaking and cold. "Please come home Christian" I murmur to myself.


In a dark, smoky bar, a woman dress in black leather bodysuit slink closer to Christian. She s smiling and licking her lips. She saunter to Christian, staring at him. She hovers over him; running her long finger with blood red fingernail. Christian shifted hard in his chair. 

"No! Don't touch me! Nobody touch me except my wife.!"He screamed.

"Hush Christian! You missed this lifestyle.  I know you missed being a Dominant!!

Being a Husband and father is not you. I been watching you. I have my spies. You can pretend to be a husband to that wife of your and being a "daddy" to your three children. But I know there is a sparkled miss in your eyes. I groomed you to be master of your universe and CEO' not a daddy or husband. I don't know what you see in her. She is so mousy and timid. She not beautiful.

Christian your destiny to be a Master Dominant! I had plan for you. I will bring you back to our world. The dark world." the woman said shallowly.

Christian  struggling to free himself from the chair.

"My spies tell me that young Anastasia was a virgin. Is that what you like? Virgins? I can get you some of the finest virgins who will please you and you dominated them.  I know you miss whipping and canning. I been told that you were the best dominant. Many subs want to be your slave, but no, you had to fall in love with that woman. she does nothing for you." the  woman said seething through her teeth.

"Don't you talk about my wife or children, you bitch! How could I ever love you!!. You have no idea what my life is like. I love and adore my family. Anna is everything to me. My children is the center of my world. If you do anything to them, I will KILL you!!!!" Christian scream.























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